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Although the build seems fairly powerful at first glance, it's important to bear in mind a few things.

First, summoning the minion to fight is roughly equal to adding your wisdom or other attribute bonuses as bonus damage. Such as with the Pit Fighter which adds wisdom, or Mercykiller. In addition, many other paragon paths provide a +1 bonus to hit, which ends up equaling the damage (+10% damage) that it is likely to provide. Some provide both a bonus to hit and extra damage. This extra damage is on average 4.5, which is fairly low unless combined with the Holy Strike at-will.

As for the many abilities, one is mostly for story purposes (such as being undead), and the other adds the damage type, which is a pretty minor addition.

Although the sight mentions ongoing damage on encounters as being particularly powerful, it is done within the rule books, so long as the damage itself is low. 2[W] is pretty low in the grand scheme of things, considering by level 1 paladin's can do 3[W], and can do so frequently there on.

As for the infernal, the sustain minor is particularly problematic considering that the paladin marks with a minor action, meaning it essentially takes up this power or the paladin cannot move. For these reasons, I feel that it is balanced, and appreciate any input on the issue!

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