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This spell is really really good. It's a good way to make the use of weapons for spellcasters, and the fact that it can scale with time and spellslots makes it even more wonderful. It MIGHT BE a bit too OP, but seeing that the scaling isn't too extreme, it's a good thing. It's a bit worrying that for a Paladin with multiattack and some levels of spellcaster to reach level 6 spells, it might be a bit overpowered, but I think that needs to fall on the decision of the DM. From my stand point as DM, this spell is so great that I would leave it... if a bit nerfed. Of course, there are better damaging spells, but this cantrip is just a good support cantrip for Clerics and Spell for Paladins, as it doesn't need concentration. - ReDeath [10:24] GMT -1 2020 March 9

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