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Being able to take multiple turns in DnD simultanesouly is a bad idea from a game-mechanic and an etiquette point of view.

From a game-mechanic PoV, this is problematic because it does not allow the enemy to have a chance to respond. If the enemy dies instantly from your multiple turn round, that means they pose no danger to you, and thus all tension is lost in the fight. The DM would have to counter this by either giving his monsters enough health to weather the first assault, and/or he would have to give the monsters high damage so if they do hit you, it will hurt a lot, and/or give them greater initiative so that they can still pose a threat to players.

From a game-mechanic PoV, this is problematic because it takes up a huge amount of time, causing the other players to become bored or annoyed because they have to wait a lot longer than normal. Having to wait while one player plays multiple turns breaks the pace of the game. Combat already takes a lot of time to resolve, this 'time slice' ability just extends the length of one round of combat unnecessarily, at the expense of other player's enjoyment.

This is why Time Stop is a level 9 spell.

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