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I've made heavy changes to this class to make it playable and not insanely over powered.[edit]

I'll try to sum up all my changes but if I forget something feel free to look through the mess of changes, it was my first time doing something like this.

~ Firstly I made the Spell Casting for this class more balanced by giving it a set amount of spells it can cast, before the changes you could cast any level spell as often as you wanted an unlimited amount of

~ Added more Class Skills because it was previously lacking options.

~ I removed the last upgrade to your hitdie because a caster being able to max out his 12 HD retroactively is just the original creator wanting to be OP, I understand the need for higher hp but automatically getting all the hp you want is dumb.

~ I put the old Curved Sword Mastery into the adaption section if someone was interested in using it because of the Blue Mages in FF XI, but I don't know how you plan on casting within the rules. I replaced Curved Sword Mastery with a custom scaling Weapon Focus so that you have many more options when choosing a weapon. It just made more sense to me seeing how blue mages throughout FF have had all kinds of different weapons.

~ Replaced the old Bestiary Check with a D&D version of Blue Combo (a more iconic Ability in the FF series). I had originally wished to make Travelers automatically compatible with Allies who had taken Teamwork Feats, but I soon found out that I was thinking of Pathfinder, shame on me. Bestiary Check can be found in the adaption section but for some reason I found it repetitive and unneeded, maybe someone else will like it.

~ Made the BaB make sense.

~ I renamed a few things that felt repetitive, and fixed a bunch of grammatical errors.

--Capt Hooks (talk) 22:49, 13 July 2015 (MDT)

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