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Since I know your more active than most all others of the 4e I'll just leave it in the discussion for now. 1. +2 to three skills is more than any other race, giving them a direct advantage in non-combat encounters. 2. three languages is unusually high but not a huge issue if the rest of it is balanced or slightly below average. 3. Bloodied Regeneration. Stealing HP is fine but the mechanics don't work. Monsters don't have healing surges and as an encounter you essentially get an extra healing surge for every encounter you do, breaking the surge economy quite easily. In addition Highest ability mod makes it automatically max regardless of build, Having it as an Implement attack means you can get the enhancement bonus from such implement making the +2 an extra bonus that makes it more likely to hit than it would otherwise be and thus even more effective.

I'll give you my suggestions if you'd like but for now I'll leave you to your own devices. --Aitharious (talk) 12:21, 5 July 2016 (MDT)
The shardmind has +2 to 3. The Eladrin and many other races learn three languages. The highest ability modifier in my opinion makes it more balanced, as any build can use the power rather than one that goes a specific path.

Blood Elf Changes[edit]

Can take feats pertaining to Blood elf, Elf, and Eladrin.

Replaced the "Bloodied regeneration" power with "Elven Accuracy". In theory this makes them a sort of hybrid between elves and eladrin, like the Half-elf with elves and humans. This is not a mix between the two races but the originator, so it's sort of the opposite.

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