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Due to the changes in the original race, the wording for "Abyssal Attraction" is no longer accurate. The bonus to Cha-based checks/skills no longer starts from a flat +2 for the race. It is now coming from the feat Succubus Heritor (and also scales with the number of Abyssal Heritor feats possessed). I am going to remove the last line which gives the expected bonus at Paragon Allurin 3. reddir (talk) 08:48, 3 February 2014 (MST)


I wish there was some kind of variant that was less extreme. Like, "An Allurin Paragon is an Allurin that accepts their inheritance and tries to learn more about it, but rather than using their abilities to fulfill their lusts and whims for power attempt to increase the good reputation of their race. They adventure for good to show people that they are not just evil people because of their race, They also adventure to learn about their abyssal heritage and find out about their own pasts.

prereqs: good and non-chaotic. since they try to be the best examples of their race, they cannot be evil or chaotic since they need to show people the best of them.

Racial relations: at your discretion, you can pick to make it similar to the original paragon; or make it different. Though they mostly either keep good relations with other classes. Though, unlike the original, they do not try to befriend exotic races for sex, unless the person is consensual and in romantic relations or majorly friends.

Abilities are the same.

Religion: keep the same as they had before.

Basically, they are functionally the same, just with personality changes. This is MY variant, but feel free to use it.

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