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Maglad says[edit]

To whoever ordered the feats, thankyou. I havent yet learned to do so myself. Please leave comments :)

Compassion Feats and Paladins[edit]

So how do the Compassion feats work with multi-classed paladins? How many HPs would a pal 8/mnk 4 with a Cha 16 be able to heal with just the first feat, and how many with both the first two? What about other classes that grant lay on hands and/or remove disease as a class feature? Also, Master of Compassion says "A Paladin with this feat gains an extra use of Remove Disease each time she gains it as a class feature." Does this mean a paladin gets double the number of uses of remove disease?


Some of these are tremendously powerful, but I like the idea of them! It adds so much more flavor and use to Paladins, I've taken some of these already, but the Spirituality chain is just broken as heck in the right setting.

Where Should we put Vow-like Feats?[edit]

I understand that some of the Sacred Vow-based feats could actually be moved out of exalted given that there could be evil and neutral spinoffs, which have a similar requirement. Should we make a new category called "Vow", put them in "Roleplaying" or should we just put them in "exalted" even though variants may not be good aligned?

Fey-yell (talk) 17:48, 26 December 2013 (MST)

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