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Meanwhile...The Depths of Hell[edit]

He cocked his head to one side and listened.

His son was walking in the open again.

He grabbed a minion from his side and sent him to make plans to retrieve him.

He leaned back and laughed, a deep throaty laugh that boomed and echoed through out his flame ridden empire.

...and the peasants rejoiced.

Beginning, The Last War[edit]

The year is 899 YK

Captain Merigan’s logbook, entry 23 Mol, Rhaan.

It is early autumn, and a brisk wind has settled down from the mountains that surround us, making the entire enclave feel like it was closer to the first snow than it actually is. The troops are beginning to question the validity of being posted in the far reaches of Galifar, other than the many deposits of dragonshards, the area has no strategic value.

24 Zol, Rhaan.

Word has reached us, via messenger, that a group of goblinoids is marching towards our position, they should arrive within a day or so, depending on weather. I have sent up the alert, my men and women are in their positions to defend us and the city that lies beyond this keep. I question my orders, to protect the small lake behind the city, and the village before it. Why would the King send me and mine to this area, a mountainous deadend.

Merigan spread out the map in his war-room and looked at what was about to happen, according to his scouts several small groups of Orcs and Goblins had banded together and were marching on the keep, they were poorly armed but numerous. His elite were spread about, commanding troops, sleeping, or just plain waiting.

He checked off their positions and he mentally went down the list...

- - - - - -

Rowen sat on the north wall, just shy of one of the outer walls smaller towers, she sliced at a scrape of wood with one of her daggers, sending tiny chips down to the ground. Whatever was coming better get here fast or she was going to die of boredom.

- - - - - -

Lucien streched and rubbed oil on his longsword, the length of its blade thinner than most long swords of its size but it was incredibly strong, the metal fused with ancient magic, and that of the power of his Master, Gradameer. The other troops around him gawked at his lack of armor, but more at the fact that he was an elf, and he hadnt tried to kill them yet. He smiled and bowed dramatically, "Today is a good day for battle."

- - - - - -

'Fact stood like a statue on the wall opposite of Rowen, a bird sitting on his still frame, his Mythril body glinting in the early morning light, his sword strapped to his huge frame with a leather cord. His best friend sat on the cool stone at his feet, flipped his battle axe end over end and catching it over and over again, he was bored.

- - - - - -

"When do you think were gonna get some action?" The dwarf said.

"Battle or Sexual?" Said the Paladin.

Vagrent Feteraxe thought long and hard about this, "A little O both I 'pose"

"Soon on the first count, maybe never one the second, when was the last time you bathed?"

"Bah, Bathin's fer the girls, I dunna need to smell sweet like a lass, Im smelling like the Orc'm be coming in the day." He stroked his beard and caught the axe once again, glancing through the long doorway towards the NorthEast wall, watching the half elven lass playing with her wood, from this angle his couldnt see much but the back end.

- - - - - -

Goth slept in his large stone sarcophagus, two soldiers sat on top of it, one rolling some weed in a bit of paper, some of the finest tobacco in all of the Kingdom or so he says. the other coughed when he lit it.

"You know what I heard." Said the second.


"That theres a demon inside of this stone box and that he eats people."


"You agree?!?"

"Of course I agree", he patted the lid, "This here is the Captains secret weapon. A true wild card, they say that the Cap found him when he was a baby and raised him as his own, but I think thats all shite. I think that the Captain found him and only uses him when the odds are stacked against us. Thats the only reason he had us pull him out." He looked up and around them, the main gate at the feet, and both walls to the front and back of them. If there was a breach than whoever knocked on their door would be very sorry.

"Soon kid, soon..."

- - - - - -

Somewhere else...

Gradameer opened his eye and stared at the mirror that stood before him, he watched as his son worked and prepared, these were dark days ahead of them. Prophecies were coming true and this would very likely be the Last War. His lids closed over the massive orbs and he slept.

- - - - - -

The Elf walked behind the mass of the stinking horde, the wind blowing at his back, the only thing that had gone right so far during this campaign, he checked his weapons again, and continued walking.

- - - - - -

Winter stood near the peak of the westerly mountain, the cold not bothering him, from his vantage he could see the enemy army marching on the human enclave, this day would be bloody, but then again that is why he existed.

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