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Both parasite and predator, synx have a variety of traits that give them incredible prowess in some respects and great weaknesses in others.

Physical Description[edit]

Synx are hairless, white, genderless, and eel-like, with four clawed tentacles. They lack bones, but a cartilage "skeleton" allows them to appear humanoid, with the tentacles acting as limbs and the lower abdomen as a tail. This allows them to move amongst other humanoids without arousing suspicion, but they are not meant to travel in this form and move slowly if at all.

The lifespan of the synx is unknown, as they are often violently killed long before they can die of old age. Estimates range from 20 years to immortality.

Synx can only eat live prey, as prepared or rotten food is too alien for them. They also have no tolerance for plant life, or sunlight, and both can harm or kill them. Instead of hunting for live prey in an environment so toxic to them, synx prefer to dig inside of large animals and live inside their digestive tract, acting as a parasite until the host inevitably dies.

They are perpetually smiling, but their eyes and other facial features betray no emotion whatsoever.


As synx are only able to prey on those far weaker than them, which often means infants and children or the elderly, and have no apparent capacity for empathy or morality, they are hated by every race aware of them and often attacked on sight.


Synx are typically Chaotic Neutral. They follow neither legal nor moral codes, and work only to survive.


Anywhere there are suitable prey and/or hosts- especially hosts, as a synx cannot survive nearly so well outside a creature as inside one.


Synx have no known religion.


Although synx can parrot other languages, they cannot truly speak them and have no language of their own.


Synx have no known naming conventions, and it is not known if they have names at all.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Dexterity, -4 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma; Synx are extremely flexible and capable of short, rapid motion, and they notice more than one might expect. However, they are neither durable nor lovable.
  • Aberration
  • Medium
  • A synx's base land speed is 10 feet.
  • Natural Weapons: Synx have two claw attacks, dealing 1d6 damage each, as their primary natural weapon, and one bite, dealing 1d8, as their secondary.
  • Synx take 1d4 damage per turn every turn that they are in direct contact with sunlight, decaying flesh, or plant matter.
  • Flesh Cloak (Ex): Synx can eat a creature, then regurgitate its remains, wearing it as protection against the sun or accidental contact with plants. They do not suffer damage as they would from ordinary decaying flesh.
  • Synx do not need to breathe.
  • Automatic Languages: None.
  • Nihilingual (Ex): Synx cannot learn languages.
  • Concealment (Ex): Synx have a +5 to all Hide checks.
  • Parasite Skin (Ex): Contact with a synx's skin will both eliminate all perception of pain and cause soft flesh to be eaten away. Synx use this both in combat and to worm their way inside their hosts.
  • Extreme Flexibility (Ex): Synx can bend any way they please.
  • Swallow (Ex): A synx's jaws can widen to a huge diameter, and their stomachs allow them to- given enough time- swallow a creature of their own size.
  • Bonus Eyes (Ex): A synx cannot be blinded, as they develop new replacement eyes below their current pair.
  • Favored Class: Rogue.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
5' 6" +2d10 150 lb. × (2d4) lb.

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