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Symbol: A horned demon's head cast from silver on a silver chain, with its eyes wrapped in linen and lips sewn shut
Home Plane: Celestia
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Slaying Evil, Retribution, Protecting Others
Clergy Alignments: Any good
Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Sun, Protection
Favored Weapon: Holy Greatsword

Sylvanas, a Ghaele of the Eladrin, appears as a noble High Elf: tall, with striking angular features and long white hair. She is clad in dark armor, and emblazoned on the back is her crest: a severed demon's head blindfolded and whose mouth is sewn shut, speaking of her power to blind, deafen and mute those who would consort with evil over goodness and purity. She is never without her greatsword, the blade of which is wreathed in holy fire when in battle.


Sylvanas encourages her followers to do everything in their power to help others without any expectation of personal gain, and to aid in ridding the world of demonic and undead influences so that those who cannot protect themselves remain safe. She strongly disfavors lying, stealing, and unnecessary killing. Clerics who worship her and please her with their actions can, on rare occasions, receive some "divine intervention" when in dire need, though this is mostly unheard of. Those held especially high in her graces may also be gifted a minor Celestial power to aid them in their struggle against evil, from casting a minor protection against evil spell-like ability, all the way to receiving a positive energy field, granting them a minor damage boost against evil.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Though temples erected in her honor are rare, the occasional token shrine is typically built where she has visited and freed locals of some incarnation of evil or another. Her followers tend to be more of the "missionary" types, who roam around the lands helping those in need, and spreading the word of Syvlanas through swift decisive action more than anything.

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