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Demon Prince of Flame, The Lord of Blue Flames, Firelord, Prince of Pyromancy

Demon Prince
Symbol: A Blue Flame
Home Plane: Pyragalos, 345th Layer of the Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Fire, Inferno, Chaos, Destruction
Worshipers: Evil Clerics and Pyromancers
Clergy Alignments: CN, NE, CE
Domains: Abyss, Demonic, Fire
Favored Weapon: Trident

The Prince of Flame, Stolzal, looks similar to a fiendish satyr. He has an upper body like that of swimmer, lean yet muscular, with blue skin and the lower body of a goat with matted, coarse, brown fur and cloven hoofs. His head is crowned with two large ram horns and a serpentine tail slinks from his backside.


Stolzal wants nothing more than to see everything burn, even the abyss. Stolzal's strange rational, or lack there off, makes him believe that only by burning everything to the ground, can he reign over the ashes. Stolzal's lack of rationality stems from the fact that he is the Prince of Flame in name only. In reality, Stolzal is being possessed by the real Prince of Flame, Dez'Molten. Every move and action made by Stolzal is being influenced by Dez'Molten. Dez'Molten clouds Stolzal's thoughts with visions of a multiverse covered in ash and all life bowing to him. Unfortunately for Stolzal, should these visions ever become reality, Dez'Molten will posses him in full and he will cease to exist.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Stolzal is worshipped by those with an affinity for fire and a lack of morality and sanity. Though he has no temples to call his own, Stolzal is often worshipped in secret at large bonfire gatherings. Occasionally, unwilling participants are burned alive in the bonfires as an offering to Stolzal.


Stolzal is part of the Sosfronii Pantheon as an unaffiliated Demon Prince. He has no ties to the Prime Evil's Court nor does he align himself with any of the other princes.

Stolzal, Prince of Flame[edit]

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