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Steroid User[edit]

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A creature uses artificial stimulants to grow larger.

Creating a Steroid User[edit]

This is an acquired template that can be applied to any living, corporeal creature. This template can be applied multiple times on the same creature, with an added penalty for each additional application.

Size and Type[edit]

Increase Size by one level (Small to Medium, Medium to Large, etc). Increase stats as in Monster Manual, pg 291. Note: for every application of the template after the first, do as noted but only gain half the STR and CON listed. Type remains unchanged.

Hit Dice[edit]

HD remains unchanged.


Speed remains unchanged.

Armor Class[edit]

Only as stated from Size change.


Only as stated from Size change.

Full Attack[edit]

Remains unchanged.

Special Attacks[edit]

Remains unchanged.

Special Qualities[edit]

Remains unchanged.


Use of steroids depletes the creature's mental capabilities. -1 INT, -1 WIS, -1 CHA, stacking each time the template is applied. As well, changes as stated from Size change.


Remains unchanged.


Remains unchanged.


As base race.


As base race.

Challenge Rating[edit]

CR +1


Remains unchanged.


Remains unchanged.


As base race.

Level Adjustment[edit]

+1 LA for each application

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