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Carbonized Steel[edit]

General Description[edit]

Carbonized steel is an iron alloy with high carbon content. Its hardness and related physical properties are identical to normal steel, but it is charcoal gray or black in color, and totally non-reflective.

Crafting carbonized steel is a specialized skill known only to a handful of master craftsmen, primarily obsidian dwarves.

Game Properties[edit]

Carbonized steel armor does not apply its armor check penalty to Hide skill checks in dim light or in the presence of shadows – even if the viewer has low-light vision or darkvision. It applies the standard armor check penalty to other skill checks, and to Hide skill checks in bright light.

Weapons and armor fashioned from carbonized steel are always masterwork quality, and cost twice the normal masterwork price.

Metallic items made with carbonized steel are identical to normal steel items in all other respects. (Non-metallic items, obviously, cannot be made from carbonized steel.) Carbonized Steel also has a %50 chance of absorbing any spells cast on it. If a PC is wearing a Full suit of armor made of bright steel, and the spell fear was cast, the armor could absorb it, and then constantly give off an Aura of Fear.

Craft Checks[edit]

Forging an item out of carbonized steel adds +20 to the Craft DC, or +10 if the craftsman has received specialized training with carbonized steel.

If the craftsman fails his skill check by 10 or more points, the materials crumble into pieces. If he fails by less than 10 points, he produces a defective product with ¼ normal hardness. A DC 20 Appraise check is required to notice the defective quality.

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