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Star Wars (Original Trilogy Episodes IV-VI)[edit]

--This setting takes place in the fictional star wars galaxy. It is presented in all the entries of Star Wars the epic space opera multimedia franchise. this setting assumes that each entry in the official franchise is an actual event happening. in terms of style and narrative, this is a sci fi adventure where the lines of good and evil blur and the characters question are they really in the right here? It plays like Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with very similar roles but spellcasting is not a thing instead there is force casting.--

The Empire[edit]

the Empire is the ruler of the Galaxy under the Mighty Emperor and his apprentice Darth Vader They rule with an iron fist. most people especially in places farther from society are treated with mistrust. they are very corrupt and will let anything happen for a price. crime ravages the galaxy and people have tried to stand up to them and all have failed. almost all available jobs are either horrible low paying or morally wrong. every since the wiping out of the galaxys just warriors of justice the Jedi, many people have lost there lives to this oppression but something is rising in the galaxy and to survive you must change with it.

Setting variant rules[edit]

force powers[edit]

force power level Level force point Cost
1st 2.
2nd 3
3rd 5
4th 6
5th 7
6th 9
7th 10
8th 11
9th 12

spellcasting in this world is replaced with 'force powers. force wielding classes use force points instead of spell slots to fit the setting better. the force, as it is all living lifeforms, without it is quite taxing on your body and mind if if you use a force power and you run out of force points you cannot use any force powers even if an feature allows you to regain force points.

Force lightning[edit]

force lightning is a 6th-level spell where you can attack people by blasting lightning out of their hands.

[link in spells page]

Force Speed[edit]

Currency in Star Wars[edit]

Credit Value Copper Piece Value Silver Piece Value Electrum Piece Value Gold Piece Value Platinum Piece Value
One credit 5 1/2 1/10 1/20 1/200

in star wars gold, silver, copper, electrum, and platinum,pieces are replaced by credits. credits are the main currency in star wars. their are other currencies but they are planet specific and are up to Dm to determine their values to credits.

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spell pages[edit]

force speed

force lightning

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