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Squads!Platoons!and Fire teams, Oh My![edit]

This is a Good Question.Do we have to kill it? Well if you mean the pack of grunts over to your left, the Promethean warship overhead, and the elite to your right and all you have is yourself and your two special ops ONI buddy's, then yes you do. Killing everything by yourself will get you inevitably killed so what do you do? You act as a team or more correctly a squadron.This tutorial page will teach you the steps to orchestrating and commanding these squadrons.

OK so lets have a little vocabulary lesson first. Just for those who don't know what a squad or squadron is its ''' two or more fire team and a coordinating commander. In Commonwealth armies, the term section is used instead, while fulfilling mostly the same functions. In the UNSC, "section" is used only for cavalry, air defense and field artillery. Sometimes, the term patrol is also used because the squad is the smallest unit sent to patrol a certain area.'''

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