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Splice Spells -

Splice Spells [Metamagic]

Expend energy of extra previously prepared spells to spontaneously use metamagic.
Prerequisite: Ability to cast previously prepared spells, any other metamagic feat.
Benefit: You may spontaneously modify a previously prepared spell with a metamagic feat you know by splicing other prepared spells onto it. The number of additional spells you consume is equal to the spell level adjustment of the feat. For example, a wizard who wants to cast a quickened (+4 LA) magic missile would expend the magic missile spell, and splice four additional spells of 1st-level or higher onto it, using up a total of five prepared spells. In essence, you pay for the metamagic effect by "using up" other spells of the same and/or higher level. (i.e. The extra spells consumed must be in slots of a level equal to or higher than that of the spell being modified by the metamagic feat.) The spell's actual level and casting time are unchanged from normal. This feat does not allow you to cast any metamagic spell you are not capable of preparing in advance. (i.e. the effective level of the spell you are modifying, plus all metamagic level adjustments can be no greater than the level of your highest slot.)If you are a multiclass character, you cannot splice magic between classes.(i.e. You can splice a wizard spell onto a wizard spell, but you can't splice a cleric spell onto a wizard spell or onto a druid spell, etc.)
Normal: You must prepare spells with metamagic feats in advance.
Special: Spontaneous casters can already apply metamagic spontaneously, they don't need this feat. If you are a cleric, you cannot splice your bonus domain spells onto other spells. If you are a specialist wizard, you may only splice the bonus spells you get from school specialization onto another spell of that school. (Either way, however, you can still splice other spells onto your bonus spells as normal.) In the case of the Heighten Spell feat, you splice one spell onto the spell you wish to heighten for each effective level you wish to add. You can apply more than one metamagic feat to a spell, or even the same metamagic feat more than once (if allowed by the feat's description), provided you could have prepared that combination in advance. You must simply splice on enough additional spells, one per level adjustment. If you don't have enough remaining spells to splice, you can't apply that metamagic effect spontaneously using this feat.

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