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Spiritual Metamagic [Metamagic]

The connection with the spiritual world allows the Spirit Shaman to sacrifice your ability to affect it in order to make your metamagic more versatile
Prerequisite: Other two metamagic feats, Chastise Spirits class feature, Caster Level 9th
Benefit: By spending one use of Chastise Spirits class feature, the Spirit Shaman can cast any retrieved spell modified by metamagic feats, even if she didn´t retrieve this spell modified by that specific metamagic feat beforehand. The adjustment takes place when the spell is cast, according to the Shaman´s will. However, the spellcasting is slowered, similar to a Sorcerer casting a spell modified by a metamagic feat (see Sorcerer in PHB).
Normal: The Spiritual Shaman can´t suddenly modify your retrieved spells with metamagic feats. She has to apply the metamagic feats in the moment she retrieves it. Thus, her spells use up higher level slots, according to the metamagic feat applied, until the shaman rests and retrieves hers spells again.

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