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Spirit Warrior[edit]

Some Spirit Shamans focus more on martial feats than other pursuits. These Spirit Warriors focus their otherworldly abilities on direct combat.

Class: Spirit Shaman

Level: 1, 2, 4, 6 (and every 3 after), 13, 16

Replaces: Wild Empathy, Chastise Spirits, Exorcism, Weaken Spirits

Benefit: Ghost Warrior: This class feature is gained at 4th level instead of 6th. At 12th level, this ability improves to include armor as well as weapons.

Spirit Form: This feature is gained at 6th level instead of 9th. Instead of gaining new uses at 15th and 20th level, she gains new uses every 3 levels after 6th. Instead of lasting for one minute, the ability now lasts for 1 round per level plus the Spirit Shamans Charisma mod (min +0). Instead of becoming incorporeal and loosing her Strength score, the Spirit Shaman becomes incorporeal in the same manner as a Manifesting Ghost, though she is not also present on the Ethereal Plane; she retains her Strength score and can make attacks with any magical or Ghost Touch weapons she possesses (see the Ghost Warrior ability). She still adds her Charisma bonus (min +1) to her AC.

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