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Spirit Domain[edit]

The spirit domain is most often pursued by clerics who worship gods of life and death. By manipulating spirits and vital life force, they project powerful boons to assist them in realizing their ideals. Common gods that spirit clerics worship include - Lathander, Kelemvor, Myrkul, Shar, Pelor, and Wee Jas.

Spirit Domain Spells[edit]
Cleric Level Spells
1st find familiar, hex
3rd find steed, suggestion
5th haste, vampiric touch
7th Dimension Door, faithful hound
9th awaken, circle of power

Bonus Proficiencies[edit]

Beginning at 1st level you gain proficiency with martial weapons and in Constitution saving throws.

Spiritual Power[edit]

Starting at 1st level, whenever a target dies within 30 feet, you may bind their energy to you as reaction. You may keep the soul bound to you for up to 8 hours, at which point it dissipates. While you have a soul bound to you, you gain access to the unseen servant spell, and may cast it at will without using a spell slot or components. If you have a bound soul you may summon it as a spirit anywhere within 5 feet of you as a bonus action.

Summoned spirits are chosen from the list below and have an aura with a radius of 30 feet. You may only have two spirits active at one time and you may not have more than one of the same effect active at the same time. Summoned spirits require concentration, as though you were concentrating on a spell. Summoned spirits are invisible, have an AC of 10 and dissipate after 1 minute. A spirit will also dissipate if it take any damage, if you fail a Constitution saving throw made to maintain concentration, or if dismissed as a bonus action. Spirits can take actions as described in the unseen servant spell on your turn. If you summon a spirit while you already have two active, the oldest spirit dissipates. A creature cannot be resurrected while its spirit is bound or summoned.

Channel Divinity: Greater Summon[edit]

At 2nd level, when you summon a spirit you can use your channel divinity to enhance the original effects of the spirits.

Spirit guide[edit]

Starting at 3rd level you can call upon the spirits of the area and can communicate with them, these spirits can be asked questions about when they were alive or as to things in the nearby location. Giving you addition information. Afterward you can choose to consecrate them, effectively passing them on to the afterlife.

Channel Divinity: Soul Tear[edit]

Starting at 6th level, you can use your channel divinity to attempt rip parts of a soul out of a target that is within 30 feet of you. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or have their soul ripped. The chunk of spirit immediately manifests within 5 feet of the owner with a type of your choice. The owner of the ripped spirit takes damage equal to your wisdom modifier. The spirit returns to the owner after 1 minute or after it takes any damage. Ripped souls do not count against your spirit limit, or require concentration. Souls may now stay bound for 24 hours.

Spirit Warrior[edit]

Beginning at 8th level, you’re able to better harness the spiritual energies of souls while they are bonded to you. While you have a bound soul you may add your spellcasting modifier to any damage roll you make. When added to weapon damage you may choose radiant, necrotic, or psychic damage for the bonus. When added to spells it takes the same form as the spells damage. Souls may now stay bound indefinitely and no longer require concentration.

Spectral Chimera[edit]

When you reach 17th level, you can merge bound souls with summoned spirits. If you have a bound soul, instead of summoning a spirit you may bind the soul to an existing spirit instead. This effectively gives a summoned spirit additional effects from the Spirit Types table.

Additionally, your summoned spirits now have a number of hit points equal to your Cleric level.

Spirit Types[edit]

Harm Spirit. This spirit makes a + 1 ranged spell attack that deals 1d4 radiant damage with a range of 10 feet on your turn. When buffed, they gain a +2 to hit and +3 for damage.

Healing Spirit. You and number of creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum one) within range are healed for 1d4+wis. This spirit leaves after 2 turns. When buffed the healing is increased by 3 and it stays for an additional turn

Sage Spirit. You and number of creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum one) within range are immune to being charmed or frightened and cannot have your hit point maximum reduced.

Inspiring Spirit. You and number of creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum one) within range receive a +1 bonus to AC and gain a single 1d4 inspiration die. When buffed they gain an additional + 1 to Ac and the inspiration die becomes a 1d6.

Heroic Spirit. You and number of creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum one) within range receive temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier whenever they deal damage. When buffed the temporary hit points is increased by 2.

Wind Spirit. You and number of creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum one) within range gain 5 movement speed for their next turn. When buffed the movement speed increases by 5 and lasts for 2 turns.

Guiding Spirit. You and a number of creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum one) within range receive +1 to their ability checks, attacks, or saves. when buffed targets gain an additional +1 to rolls.

Howling Spirit. 2 creatures of your choice within range must succeed on a DC 12 save, or be frightened for 1 round. When buffed the DC is increased to 14 and lasts for 2 rounds.

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