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Spider Rogue (5e Subclass)[edit]

Some rogues, who travel mostly within urban environments, feel that the best way to get around and commit their various nefarious deeds is to use a mixture of grappling techniques and spider-walking. To do so, they adopt the spider rogue archetype and through unknown methods and techniques acquire a spinneret just like spiders.


When you choose this archetype at level 3, your body naturally begins to produce webbing that can be fired from your spinneret, just like any spider. This webbing can be used as a bonus action to perform a variety of different web techniques. You learn two web techniques of your choice, all of which are detailed under 'web techniques'. You learn an additional web technique at 9th level and the remaining one at 13th level. Webbing produced by this feature persists for up to an hour and can be destroyed by being attacked. The webbing has an AC of 10, 10 hit points, resistance to bludgeoning damage, and immunity to poison and psychic damage and is destroyed by fire just like any other web.

Saving Throws.

Some of the features of this subclass will requires the targets to make saving throws against them. The DC for these saving throws is calculated as follows: DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Dexterity modifier.

Spider Climb

Starting at 3rd level, you gain the ability to walk along walls and the ceiling as if you were walking on the ground. This also grants you a climbing speed equal to your normal movement speed.

Web Walker

Also at 3rd level, you may ignore the movement restrictions incurred by webbing, due to your spider-like movements.

Sneaking Spider

At 9th level, you have become adept at sneaking using the shadows and spider walking. Whilst using spider walk in dim light or lower, you have advantage on stealth checks.

Spider's Venom

At 13th level, your body begins to produce a deadly toxin and you are able to sprout and retract spider-like fangs as a free action. As an action, you may make a melee attack with these fangs, which you are treated as proficient with. The fangs have the finesse property and on a hit deal 1d10 piercing damage and 2d8 poison damage. The target must also make a DC 13 constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 1 hour. If the poison damage reduces the target to 0 hit points, the target is stable but poisoned for 1 hour, even after regaining hit points, and is paralyzed while poisoned.

Death From Above

At 17th level, when you are attacking an enemy whilst standing on a ceiling or your web, as long as the web is still attached to your spinneret, you have advantage on the attack rolls.

Web Techniques[edit]

Impact Web

You gain the ability to shoot a ball of your organic web from your spinneret as an attack. You count as proficient with this attack and make it using your dexterity modifier. The attack has a range of 60/180 and deals 1d6+DEX bludgeoning damage on a hit, restraining the target. As an action, the restrained creature can make a Strength saving throw, escaping from the webbing on a success. The effect also ends if the webbing is destroyed.

Web Tether

You gain the ability to use a length of web to tether to an enemy as an attack. Make a ranged attack with range 60/180 using your DEX modifier, with which you are proficient. On a hit, the enemy is restrained and grappled, needing to make a Strength saving throw to escape. Whilst tethered in this way, an enemy may choose to attack the tether at any point between you and the enemy you are tethered to. If the webbing is destroyed, any of its effects are ended. While a creature of your size or smaller is grappled this way, you may use an action to pull the creature up to 25 feet closer to you.

Web Launch

You gain the ability to use a length of web to pull yourself towards a point as a bonus action. Using this bonus action allows you to move 60 feet in a straight line. After this bonus action, you may make attacks as normal, since your hands are free.

Web Silence

You gain the ability to precisely fire web from your spinneret in order to prevent an enemy from speaking. Make a ranged attack with range 60/180 using your DEX modifier, with which you are proficient. On a hit, the target has web wrapped around their mouth and is unable to speak. In order to remove this web from their mouth, the target must use their action to make a strength save, removing the web on a success. Also, any attempt to destroy this web with an attack from a weapon without the finesse property results in the webbed creature taking the same amount of damage.

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