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Domain of Arachnidia[edit]

There are those who look to spiders and their intricate webs for guidance, often praying to a Spider God, such as Lolth. They seek to bring pain to those around them that do not conform, and are often evil or chaotic in nature. Some use this power to aid, punishing those that have done wrong. The choice is yours.

Basis of The Class[edit]

This is a summoning based Subclass; and many of it's abilities focus on it. You yourself will not receive many benefits, so operating from the back line is preferable. However, you can be melee based, as many benefits of this class do benefit you. Mastering your wisdom is best, and this subclass benefits from the increase more than most.

Spider Domain Spells[edit]
Cleric Level Spells
1st Puppet, Dissonant Whispers
3rd Spider Climb, Web
5th Counterspell, Vampiric Touch
7th Greater Invisibility, Black Tentacles
9th Dominate Person, Enervation
Bonus Proficiency

When a cleric chooses this domain at 1st level, they gain proficiency with martial weapons and animal handling, if they do not already have it.

Spider Disciple

Starting at First Level, you may take 1 hour to summon a Spider, or a number of of Spiders, with a total CR equal to 1/4 your cleric level, and may summon a number of spiders equal to 2 times your proficiency bonus at any time.

You may choose one of the following to summon;

Spider, Wolf Spider, Giant Spider, Phase Spider, or Spider Swarms; as well as any spider creatures the DM may allow.

These spiders are classed as a celestial, fey, or fiend (your choice, though typically related to your alignment) in nature, and understands all languages you speak (if it has high enough intelligence, 5 or more, it can also speak in them). If you summon a spider with a CR of 0; you treat it as a CR 1/8 creature. You may do this ability a number of times equal to half of your wisdom modifier every long rest (rounding down). The Summon is under your control directly, no action required, and you cannot summon again until all your summons die or you dismiss them, no action required. You can communicate telepathically with your summon up to a range of 20 feet times by your wisdom modifier. You can see through your spider's eyes at will as well, retaining your darkvision or other effects on your sight, however can only do this once per turn in combat.

In addition you gain the poison spray cantrip, which classifies as a Cleric Cantrip for you, not counting towards your total known cantrips.

Channel Divinity
Webber Innate

Starting at 2nd level, the cleric can use Channel Divinity to ensnare enemies around you. When the cleric is hit by an attack, the cleric can use their reaction to create a web explosion, centred on you. Hostile creatures have to make a strength or dexterity save or become restrained, and the area covered is under the effects of the "web" spell. The web seems to pass through allied creatures without issue; the effect lasts for the standard time but does not require any concentration. This has a radius of 20 feet, increasing to 30 feet at 6th level, 45 feet at 14th level, and 60 feet at 17th level.

Spider Allegiance

Starting at 6th level, the cleric can empower their spiders with magical energy. When the cleric casts a spell, The cleric can choose to cast the spell from one of the spiders the cleric has summoned. This can be done a total number of times equal to your Wisdom Mod per Long rest. This consumes your spell slot, and does not allow you to cast more than one spell per turn, as normal. Your spider summons also now become much stronger, having an ac equal to 8 + proficiency bonus + half your cleric level, or their natural ac, whichever is higher, and health equal to their normal health + your wisdom modifier. You can use this feature a number of times every short rest equal to your Wisdom Modifier.

All Spider Summons now have resistance to poison damage and have a +2 to all their attack and damage rolls. Spider Summons may do an additional d8 of magical piercing damage when they hit an attack. This dice IS effected by critical hits.

Unbroken Bonds

Starting at 8th level, all spiders now see you as family, and have the highest regard for you. They will always become allied to you and your allies, unless you attack them. You also gain 60 feet of darkvision. If you allready have darkvision, you instead gain 30 feet more.

Your spider summons now have immunity to poison damage and have a +3 to attack and damage rolls. The additional damage dice increases to a d10 of magical piercing damage.

Your Spider Summons now gain hit-points equal to 3 times your wisdom modifier, instead of just your wisdom modifier, on top of their normal health.

Finally, when a Spider of CR 1 or higher lands a critical hit, or kills an enemy of CR 1 or higher, you can use your reaction to immediately dictate that spider as a "champion". Champions have their ac increased to 10 + your wisdom modifier + their dexterity modifier, and their current and maximum hitpoints doubles. You may only have 1 champion active at any given time.

Arachnid Perfection

Starting at 17th level, you become one with the apex predator. You can now cast "web" at will. You are constantly under the effects of Spider Climb. You have an AC equal to 13 + Wisdom Modifier + Dexterity Modifier. Your movement speed is no longer restricted by rough terrain or webbing. Your dark vision distance is increased by a further 30 feet.

Your Spiders Now have a +4 on attacks and damage; and all their damage ignores all forms of damage resistance; as does the "poisoned" condition. They have resistance to physical damage from non magical sources.

Finally; You can overcast a spell by using your channel divinity. When you cast a spell, you can expend a use of your channel divinity to add additional effects to the spell; however this ability cannot be done for spells higher than 5th level, or spells cast at those levels.

Healing spells now heal for 5 hitpoints per spell level
Attack spells have a +1 to hit per spell level; and their damage and effects ignore resistances (but not immunises)
DC Spells have a +1 on their DC per spell level; and their damage and effects ignore resistances (but not immunities)

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