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Spell Prodigy[edit]

During your training, you focused more on the intricacies of spellcraft rather than delving into artificing and craftwork.

Class: Wizard

Level: 1st

Replaces: You do not gain Scribe Scroll at 1st level, and Craft and Profession are no longer class skills for you. Furthermore, you may not select an Item Creation feat as one of your bonus Wizard feats.

Benefit: Select one school of magic. You gain the Spell Focus for that school. In addition, select any two skills thematically related to your specialized school except for Craft and Profession. Examples include Listen and Spot for Diviniation, Bluff and Diplomacy for Enchantment, and Heal and Knowledge (Religion) for Necromancy. These are now considered class skills for you. If any of the chosen skills are already a class skill for you, you instead gain a +2 insight bonus with that skill.

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