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spell channeler [Meta magic, fighter]

<!- allows a caster to uses their touch and ranged offensive spells more versatily while mixing it with melee.->
Benefit: a spontaneous spell caster can choose to use one of their spells, maxs out at their third highest castable spell level, can channel either a touch spell or ranged offensive spell through their hands or weapons to add onto damage, uses a standard action and half the spell[for the sake of spell points or for spell slots its one slot lower then its level, for recharge it recharges as a spell level lower] cost to add 1/2 spell damage to weapon damage [for ranged spells, touch attack spells add full damage same with the other use variant] for your next turn or use a full round action to charge the weapon or form of melee attack with 1/2 spells damage for a number of rounds equal to their casting stat, or apply an effect of the spell to the melee attack, either making all of the damage of a type and increasing damage by one die or giving the attack a special effect from the spell, but should you choose to just apply an effect from the spell rather than the damage it only stays active for a single attack and then the duration ends.
Normal: normally you cant channel spells through melee without it being a specific spell and or having an item that allows the use.
Special: it doesnt work with healing spells however using something else may be able to bridge the gap, discuss with dm.

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