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Rogue Subclass

Connected to an ancient magic, you have been changed. Your body now moves with great speed and grace as you draw in Kinetic energy from the world around you. Whereas other Rogues focus on finding weaknesses in an opponent when they attack, you focus on attacking so fast that there is no way they could defend against it.

Speed Boost

At 3rd level your connection to Kinetic Magic has manifested. While not wearing armor, the Kinetic Magic can flow throughout your body uninterrupted, you gain the following benefits while not wearing armor:

Your speed increases by 5ft x your proficiency bonus. You add your proficiency bonus to your initiative. You gain the ability to move along vertical surfaces and liquids as if they were flat solids for as long as you are in motion.

Kinetic Manipulation

At seventh level your affinity with kinetic magic has grown more stable as well as your ability to control its forces. You can double your movement speed for 1 minute as an action. For the next minute you can take an extra action on each of your turns as if under the effects of the spell 'Haste'. You can use this ability once every long rest


At level 9, you have mastered the ability to vibrate your body at different frequencies. Spending a minute to activate this feature will allow you to pass through solid matter. Solid objects moved through in this way are considered difficult terrain, and you must have the movement speed to come out into an unoccupied space or else take 6d10 bludgeoning damage and have the object explode into pieces. The area around the object will now be considered difficult terrain. If the Speedster attempts to phase through something that is either magically warded, or carries an electrical current they are repelled from the object, both the object and the Speedster taking 1d10 damage (damage type is situational).

Fast Metabolism

At level 13, your increased metabolic activity has enhanced the way you heal, Disease and Posion (including alchohol) have no effect on you. Also, when you take a short rest to heal you can also add your Dexterity Bonus to the roll and regain all Hit Die on a long rest. In addition, you are now immune to the charmed and frightened condition as your mind recovers from trauma and influence almost instantaneously.

Essense of Quick

When you reach 17th level you can enhance your natural insticts with Kinetic Magic. Your Cunning Action now includes the Dodge Action and whenever you are targeted and missed with a weapon or spell attack you can use your reaction to reflect the effect back at the attacker. The attacker must roll again, against it's own AC, taking half damage on a miss, and full plus you Dex on a hit. This reaction can be used twice every round.

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