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This is a Rogue subclass.

Due to some event, an ancient magic has awakened inside you. Maybe because you wish you were fast enough to save someone, maybe because you strive to be the fastest, maybe it's just because of your bloodline, what matters is that as long as there is Kinetic Energy there will be life. Being a Rogue, you choose to use your power for your own purpose.

This subclass is a relecture of the Speedster subclass, all thanks to its creator.

Kinetic Energy[edit]

At 3rd level, your one of the fastest men alive, you can feel the Kinetic Energy flow. While not wearing medium or heavier armor, you can feel the Kinetic flow through your body, giving you the following benefits:

  • Your speed increases by 10 feet X your Proficiency Bonus.
  • You gain the ability to walk along walls, ceilings, and water as if you were walking on the ground, without falling. This also grants you a climbing speed equal to your normal movement speed.
  • Due to your extensive training of speed you no longer suffer exhaustion from running, or combat.

Kinetic Adept[edit]

At 3rd level, you are capable of channeling Kinetic Energy which allows you to increase your speed and power. You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes, which now deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage. When you spend all your Movement on a turn before making an Unarmed Strike, you can make a Sonic Punch. A Sonic Punch deals 1d6 bludgeoning as well as Xd4 thunder damage (X = speed/10). Using the Dash action doubles the damage dealt, rather than adding to the number of dice rolled.

In addition, you learn to create a lightning bolt. This attack does 2d6 lightning damage, has a range of 20/60 and is doubled if you hit a target by surprise. CHA is your spell casting ability for this.


At level 9, you have mastered the ability to vibrate your body at different frequencies. Spending a minute to activate this feature will allow you to pass through solid matter. Solid objects moved through in this way are considered difficult terrain, and you must have the movement speed to come out into an unoccupied space or else take 1d10 bludgeoning damage and have the object explode into pieces.

Also, while Phasing your Unarmed Attacks deal 1d8 Piercing damage, but you can't use Sonic Punch. In addition, you can use the Shocking Grasp Cantrip.

Fast Metabolism[edit]

At level 13, your increased metabolic activity has enhanced the way you heal, Disease and Poison (including alcohol) have no effect on you. Also, when you take a short rest to heal you can add your Charisma Modifier to the roll and you regain all Hit Die on a long rest.

Also, you can cast Haste once per short or long rest.

Essence of Kinetic[edit]

When you reach 17th level you become even more in touch with the Kinetic Energy flow. Your Cunning Action now includes the Dodge Action, plus whenever you're targeted and missed by an attack or spell you can use your reaction to reflect the effect back at the attacker. The attacker must roll again, against it's own AC, taking half damage on a hit.

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