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Spectrum Domain[edit]

Granted Powers[edit]

Once a day you may fire a beam of light from your hands, a ranged touch attack which deals 1d6 damage per two caster levels. Undead take 1d6 per caster level, and an undead creature particularly vulnerable to bright light takes 1d8 points of damage per caster level. Constructs or inanimate object takes only 1d4 points of damage per two caster levels. It is similar to the spell Searing Light, however there is no damage cap.

Spectrum Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Color Spray
  2. Glitterdust
  3. Rainbow Blast*
  4. Rainbow Pattern
  5. Seeming
  6. True Seeing
  7. Prismatic Spray
  8. Prismatic Wall
  9. Prismatic Sphere
  • Spell found in Spell Compendium

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