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Spear of Goblin Destiny: The Spear of Goblin Destiny is a small shortspear. When wielded by a goblin, the spear has the Returning quality. This small shortspear deals 1d4 piercing damage with a ×2 critical. Range 20 ft. Weighs 3 lb.

A simple wooden shaft carved with goblin runes and a curiously shiny blue rock that has been sharpened and strapped to the tip. It might actually be a gem of some sort, if the quality wasn't so poor. Rumors abound that this gem was the property of a prankster god and was somehow stolen by goblins. The goblins decided to tie the shiny rock to a spear. Ever since this goblin artifact has been passed from one goblin chieftain to another and from one tribe to another. A legend foretells that the goblin tribes will unite and conquer the known world under this spear.

Campaign Information

You are traveling through dark woods. These woods have been a bane to travelers as of late. Suddenly you see movement in the underbrush of the forest. From out of the bushes appear a clustered band of goblins bristling with pointy sticks. The sight of their crude weapons and armor makes you laugh to yourself. What appears to be their leader is pushed forward by its comrades out of the mass of gobbos. The reluctant goblin makes a jab at you with the spear it is holding. You notice the speartip is a shiny blue rock.

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