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Spanimint wine: This deep purple wine is of strong flavor, very intoxicating and is mildly sparkling. It is not drunk as much in noble circles as are the other Sumtanian wines, although it is favored by many magic users for its properties as an optional material component in divination magic.

It costs 70gp for glass of this wine or 330gp for a bottle. The large twisted necked bottle holds about 5 glasses of the wine.

If drunk whilst the drinker is casting a Divination spell that has a percentage chance of success it acts as an optional material component. Unlike other optional spell components it increases the casting time by one round. Once drunk the spell has a 15% chance of automatically passing the % chance of success. In the unique case of the Identify spell it causes the % chance of finding curses and so to double, even if the 15% roll fails.

When using these rules then it is treated as a 110 PR.

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