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Soul Bound[edit]


Soul Bound are not born Soul Bound. Soul Bound are people who have had their body destroyed and their soul sealed to an inanimate object using very powerful magic or alchemy. (Usually a suit of armor, but it can be any inanimate object.) The spell must be used within seconds of their body being destroyed or their soul will move on. Their soul is sealed to the object by a special symbol draw by the blood of the person who sealed them. if it gets washed, scratched, or damaged in any way, their soul goes to the other side. They lose all their senses except sight and hearing. They can talk using telekinetic waves to just 1 person, or to a group of people, or to everyone in earshot. Usually their main goal is to get their normal body back, but this can only happen using magic from the best wizard in the world, or alchemy with a philosopher's stone. (Note for DM's: if you have a Soul Bound get their body back in your campaign, do not make it easy.)

-- Combat

Once a soul has been sealed to an object, it loses all magical ability, so it cannot be a wizard, mage, etc. It can be a Cleric, because a god/goddess can still grant it power. A Soul Bound usually use brute force or blunt weapons, but they can use swords. If they do, it is usually very big.

Because they have no body, they can not sleep, nor can they eat. They are difficult to charm, poison, disease, etc. since they are no longer made of living flesh which is much more susceptible to all that. As a general rule they have a 50% resistance to those sorts of things.

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