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Sorrowsworn Acolyte[edit]

Your devotion to the Raven Queen has set you apart from other mortals, now you seek nothing more then to do her bidding in this world.

Prerequisite: 21st level Shadar-Kai

It is the dream of all Shadar-Kai to gain imortality, and through unyielding service to the Raven Queen that gift is almost yours. Your life up to now may have been spent in the pursuit of other earthly wants, but now your focus has narrowed to the hunt and punishment of those that would defy death. You seek out the lairs of the undead and/or those that would fashion them for their own ends. The worst of these offenders are the followers of Orcus, to destroy them and their creations are your highest honor. In time your actions will bring you to the court of the Raven Queen and the eternal life you have always wanted.


Many Shadar-Kai have attempted to transend death and become an eternal servant of the Raven Queen, but very few are ever chosen. You have begun that final path and if you prove your value you will never need to fear the final rest of the grave.

Sorrowsworn: When you complete your final quest, your place at the right hand of the Raven Queen is assured. Those that tamper with or defy the powers of death fear your arrival, and within the foul temples of Orcus your name is spat out as a vile curse. You claim a sanctuary far from the world and collect trophies from the beings that have been punished at your hand, each one telling a story that reflects the sorrow and evil they inflicted upon the world with their existence. In time your collection may impress the Raven Queen enough that she will allow you to spend the rest of eternity reveling in the pleasures of the universe without fear or worry.

Sorrowsworn Acolyte Features[edit]

All Sorrowsworn Acolytes have the following features.

Tool of the Reaper (21st Level): Your Scythe becomes an extension of your soul, the base damage dice for the Scythe becomes 2d10 in your hands.
Shadow Advantage (24th Level): When you use your Shadow Jaunt racial power to move adjacent to an enemy, you can make a Basic Melee attack against that enemy as a free action and you gain combat advantage against that enemy until the end of your next turn.
Weakness of the Flesh (30th Level): All of your Cold and Necrotic attacks ignore any Resistance or Immunity to damage with those keywords that your enemy may have. As well your attacks cause full damage against Insubstantial targets.

Sorrowsworn Acolyte Power[edit]

Summon Shadowravens Sorrowsworn Acolyte Utility 26
At your summons the Raven Queen sends a flock of her harbingers to your aid.
Standard Action Ranged 5
Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai
Effect: A Shadowraven Swarm (Monster Manual 243) appears in a square within range. The swarm remains until the end of the encounter or until they are destroyed.
Special: You command and control the swarm using the Beast Companion rules for Rangers (regardless of your class) in Martial Powers page 41-42.

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