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Triclopean Sorcerer Substitution Levels[edit]

Note: Only pureblood Triclopes are eligible for these, not Half-Triclopes. Triclopes have unusual mental powers and an aptitude for powerful magic: their Sorcerers can gain Wizard-like abilities. As a Triclops needs to progress as an actual Sorcerer to gain these abilities (rather than switching to a prestige class that offers spellcasting progression, as many Sorcerers do), I've also added a bonus metamagic feat every 5 levels (similar to the bonus metamagic or item-creation feats that a Wizard would get).

1st level: A Triclopean Sorcerer may choose not to gain proficiecy with all simple weapons (at least, not as a Sorcerer: he/she may have this from another class), choosing the more limited weapons selection of a Wizard instead, and gaining the ability to apply metamagic feats to his/her Sorcerer spells without increasing their casting time.

3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th & 18th level: Every 3 levels, a Triclopean Sorcerer gains the opportunity to permanently sacrifice a spell slot in order to develop the ability to prepare and cast a few low-level spells from a spellbook as a Wizard does, bypassing the Sorcerer's restrictions on spells known. When this option is first selected, the Sorcerer gives up a 1st level spell slot and gains the ability to learn 0th and 1st level spells as a Wizard does, maintaining a spellbook (which will initially be blank: spells must be obtained from scrolls and other spellbooks). The Sorcerer will gain the Arcane Preparation feat (allowing him/her to prepare some or all of his/her Sorcerer spells in advance as a Wizard would) and can prepare a limited number of 0th and 1st level Wizard spells from his/her spellbook using Sorcerer spell slots: up to one 0th and one 1st level spell per day, plus the bonus spells that a Wizard with the character's Intelligence score would gain (one for 12 Int, another for 20 Int etc). The character will need an Intelligence score of at least 10 plus the spell level. Note that these bonus spells for high Intelligence will still be deducted from the character's Sorcerer spells-per-day allowance: thus, a high Intelligence won't actually increase the total number of spells the character can cast. Save DC's for these spells will be based on the Sorcerer's Intelligence or Charisma score, whichever is higher. For example, normally a 3rd level Sorcerer with 16 Charisma and 14 Intelligence can cast six 0th level spells and six 1st level spells per day: on taking this ability, he/she loses one 1st level slot and gains the ability to prepare up to one 0th level spell and two 1st level spells from his/her spellbook, using the remaining slots (in this case, five 0th level and three 1st level) for normal Sorcerer spells.

When this option is taken a second time, the Sorcerer will sacrifice a 2nd level spell slot to gain the ability to add 2nd level spells to his/her spell book and prepare up to one per day (plus possible Int bonus: another for 14 Int, another for 22 Int etc) from his/her remaining Sorcerer spell slots. Next time, the Sorcerer loses a 3rd level slot and can learn/prepare 3rd level spells... and so on.

If the character subsequently gains an ability which makes this ability obsolete (e.g. the "Arcane Fusion" ability of the Master Arcanist prestige class), the sacrificed spell slots are regained.

5th, 10th, 15th & 20th level: Every 5 levels, a Triclopean Sorcerer gains a bonus metamagic feat.

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