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These tiny, almost human creatures are very fast and nimble

Racial Traits
Average Height: 6" - 9"
Average Weight: 10 - 20 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma
Size: Tiny
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Goblin
Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature, +2 Stealth
Natural Energy: As long as you are standing on dirt or some other natural material, you only need 2 hours of rest to gain the benefits of an extended rest.
Nimble Lunges: You have a standard melee reach of 1, instead of a tiny creature's usual standard reach of zero.
Shrink: You have shrink power.
Spore Get Away: You have Spore Get Away power
Fey Origin: You are considered a fey creature for all effects that relate to creature origin.
Glide: If you are conscious, you do not take falling damage.

Shrink Soppfolk Racial Power
At your touch, an object shrinks to your wee size or is restored to it's original state.
Minor Action Melee 1
Target: One object that is sized for a Medium or Small creature, is not inside a container, does not contain anything, and is not held, worn, or carried by anyone other than you.
Effect: The target shrinks to a size appropriate for a Tiny creature's use. The new size ends at the end of your next extended rest unless the shrunken target is on your person. The size also ends if you or another pixie uses this power on the shrunken target. While shrunk, the target keeps its game statistics, such as damage dice and weight. A shrunken weapon, however, becomes an improvised one-handed weapon for a non-Tiny creature.

Spore Get Away Soppfolk Racial Power
In a burst of dusty spores you find the opportunity to make your escape.
Minor Action Close Burst 2
Requirement: You have taken damage at least equal to the number of surges per day that you have.
Primary Target: All enemies in burst.
Attack: Dexterity +2, or, Wisdom +2 Vs. Fortitude, or, Will. Whichever has a higher score
Hit: 1d8 poison damage, target is dazed until the end of it's next turn, target grants combat advantage to allies outside the Burst. Your speed is increased by 2 until the end of your next turn. You may shift 2 squares as a minor action
Miss: Your speed is increased by 1 until the end of your next turn.
Secondary Target: All allies in burst
Secondary Attack: Charisma Vs. AC +3.
Hit: 1d4 poison damage, You are slowed by 2.
Cloud lasts until the end of your next turn, you are not affected by the cloud.
Special: Level 11: 2d8 poison damage. Level 21: 3d8 poison damage. Damage against allies always stays at 1d4 poison damage.

Soppfolk are very curious and adventurous, they love playing pranks and having a laugh. They are also big fans of music and art, if you can close to one of their cities, --which are usually inside big trees-- you may actually be able to hear them laughing and singing inside.

Play a Soppfolk if you want...

  • To be small and cute.
  • To have a good laugh and lots of fun when you aren't fighting.
  • To have a mushroom on your head.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Rogue, Avenger, Bard, Sorcerer, and, Ardent classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Soppfolk are small humanoids that basically look like a human child, with short arms and legs, with a mushroom on their head. The Mushrooms on their heads can range in color from green, to black, to red, to purple, and the patterns on the mushrooms can be from polka dots, to star shaped.

Playing a Soppfolk[edit]

Soppfolk, as you earlier read, love music and arts, but they also love adventure. While most stay in there home town and play pranks on their neighbors or go on small adventures, some choose to leave and become adventures. These Soppfolk are usually the most curious among them, wanting to see the outside world and maybe even slay some monsters.

Soppfolk Characteristics: adventurous, funny, curious, playful, tricky, thoughtful, and, mischievous

Male Names: Soup, Carrot, Jog, Sandpaper, Wax

Female Names: Apple, Frost, Dust, Minty, Cookie

Soppfolk Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Soppfolk adventurers are described below.

Apple is a sorcerer. She lives in the basement of a kind candy shop owner in the small town where she grew up. The shop owner was nice enough to let her practice her sorcery in his basement, which, unfortunately, has led to many accidents in the candy shop, the owner often helps her clean up the mess she made, and treats her like a daughter. One day her adoptive father goes missing and she is on the hunt to find the kind old man.

Soup is a rogue. He makes a living by stealing and smuggling treasure through the large city where he lives. He gambles all his money away and is often drunk, but even so, he is still an exceptional fighter and thief (however, we cannot say the same about his skill at cards).

Sandpaper is an avenger. He travels with a group of adventurers, and they are all very close friends. But recently one of his closest friends, Daniel, has gone rogue and is allied with an evil demon prince known as Demogorgon. The team is looking for Daniel, hoping they can talk some sense into him, but Sandpaper is afraid that he may have to kill his former friend.

Racial Utility Powers[edit]

Soppfolk Growth Soppfolk Utility 2
In your death throes, you release spores. One of these rapidly forms into your new body.
Free Action Close burst 2
Trigger: You die.
Effect: Select one empty square in the burst. At the start of any of your turns, you appear in that square. You must re-roll your initiative, and all your equipment is in the square in which you died.

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