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Song Magic [Metamagic]

You have learned to incorporate music into your spellcasting.
Prerequisite: Perform 4 ranks, at least one level in a spellcasting class
Benefit: Someone with this ability may choose to apply either a verbal (for singing) or somatic (for an instrument) component to any spell they cast. If a spell already has a verbal or somatic component, it is replaced by the song magic equivalent. This is now a Song Spell.

Casting a Song Spell is a full round action. Unless the spell takes longer than one round, in which case it has the same casting time as that spell. When attempting to cast a song spell, the caster must make a Perform check equal to 10 + twice the spell level. (12 for level 1 to 28 for level 9). In the case of metamagic, the target number is based upon the adjusted spell slot.

Song spells gain a +1 to caster level and +1 to save difficulties. For every 10 points the roll exceeds the target, add another +1 to CL and Saves.

All song spells are sound dependent, and the ability will not function in an area of Silence.

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