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A priestess at the temple to Pelor. The priestesses are considered to be citizens of honor, and command great respect in Solaria.


A large town devoted to the god Pelor. Solaria is considered an asset by the 500, and the city is occasionally fought for by rival archmages. The largest building by surface area is the temple to Pelor. For a town, Solaria produces a large number of clerics and wizards; its magic schools and temple complex give the city a great magical infrastructure. Currently, there is one tower belonging to an Archmage in the city. In order to maintain control of the city, he moved his tower there by magical means; this has happened before with other Archmages who control the city. The local administrator of the town is the high priest of the temple.

The Temple[edit]

The temple of Pelor is the heart of Solaria. The priests and priestesses of the temple are the town's most respected citizens.

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