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The Citizens if Vanchilia[edit]

The citizens of Vanchilia live in tyranny, having few rights, and even those are limited. For example, the act of worshipping the gods is the most strictly banned by law; anyone caught engaging in acts of worship is sent directly to the Overlord for execution.

The Nobility

Those who stand beside the Overlord day by day are the Nobles. They tend to his needs and act as the royal guard, although he does not personally meet them.

The Sages

The Overlord employs wizards for specific purposes such as delving into book lore, gathering information, or as intercontinental spies. Despite his disdain for magic, he still employs magicians to take care of tasks that require it.

Arena of Oblivion[edit]

The arena of Oblivion is said to be the only source of entertainment in this horrid place. Matches are held every day and night without end, and all fights are fought to the death, with no exceptions. Those who show mercy are executed by the Overlord himself. Each match begins with a prize of 10 gold pieces, doubling with each successive victory. There are rumors that those who win 20 consecutive fights are immediately accepted into the overlords Castle as a personal gladiators for his entertainment.

The Overlord also does occasionally participate in the Arena of Oblivion, but few dare to face him, for doing so would be foolish. Those who do gather courage to face the Overlord and lose are not killed - just brutally beaten.

Aggressive Nature[edit]

Most people that's the overlord pics is a potential successor in his place but to do this they must pass a frivolous task they're to be tossed out into the wild where all the beasts are and survive one year on their own and then if they do survive they are going to face the overlord and it all out match only one person has done this has fought the Wild and all of its beasts and even came back alive with all of its limbs attached Overlord he fled and it's not living a life of hiding it is said he knows all the overlord and strengths and is possibly the only person who can actually go.

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