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This build is a Multi Ability Dependent (MAD) build but so very fun. This build is next to impossible to make if you are doing a standard array and is really meant for that One in a million stat roll were you have amazing stats. It requires you to have access to Tasha's Cauldron of Everything and Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica for it's Backgrounds. For Race you will probably want to either use the Variant Human or Custom Lineage from Tasha's so you can have the Starting Feat of Mobile. For Background choose Orzhov Representative as you can get Spirit Guardians as a Wizard spell.

- Level 1-6 you will be a standard Bladesinger. Select spells based on your preferences, but you need Booming Blade. This will be using literally every attack round, in fact you should very regularly be getting the extra Booming Blade damage because of Mobile and being able to move away from your foe after striking them with a booming blade. Your Primary goal will be to get your Intelligence to 20, Use your stat bonus to boost intelligence and every ASI as well unit you Max out Intelligence. Once you hit 20 Intelligence you'll want to take feats in this order: Warcaster, then Pole-arm Master (pray to the gods of your DnD universe that you get a Staff of Power too). You depending on how many ASI's you have left Crusher and Telekinetic are fun add-ons for this character or Pushing up another stat

- At 5th Level you will take the Spirit Guardians, this is will be a staple spell every combat going forward. Round 1 should look something like "I bonus action Bladesong, and use my action to cast/upcast (with your highest Spell level) Spirit Guardians, then move up to within 5 feet of my enemies (with a movement of 50). Not only will they be punished by you in combat but if they try to get away they have difficult terrain to deal with and your 50ft movement.

- At Level 6 the Bladesinger (Both via Tasha's and through the 5e Errata) unlocks the most amazing extra Attack feature you could want "You can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn. Moreover, you can cast one of your cantrips in place of one of those attacks." So with this you will still always be hitting with a booming blade and now also an extra attack.

- Now is when you take Paladin for the next 2 levels. Now if you happen to run out of Shield spells and Bladesong you can always change into Medium armor to help your AC then. For Fighting Style may I suggest Blind Fighting or Dueling for this build (it's unfortunate cause this is one of the few builds I'd recommend Two-Weapon Fighting, but sadly that isn't offered by Paladin). By level 8 you will have a Great Gish character, one capable of Smiting and Extra Attack. Using a Quarterstaff or Magical Staff you will always have a bonus action that is damaging. You will have a one of the most punishing mobile melee spells around you, and if an enemy comes close you could use a reaction to cast Booming Blade using PAM and Warcaster.

- Finish your progression as a Wizard and enjoy the benefits of being a Full Martial Caster.

This character if allowed to progress to Level 20 will be capable of casting 9th level spells and still have a great "Capstone" as Spell Mastery is pretty amazing. Which means you could wade into battle with an 8d8 or 9d8 Spirit Guardians (honestly I'd always save that level 9 slot for Meteor Storm).

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