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The Sleepwalker (CR 36)[edit]

The Sleepwalker
Size/Type: Medium Outsider (extraplanar, evil, incorporeal)
Hit Dice: 40d8+200 (360 hp)
Initiative: +29(+21 Dex, +8 Superior Initiative)
Speed: 80ft, fly 120ft
Armor Class: 53 (+21 Dex, +14 insight, +8 deflection), touch 43, flat-footed 10
Base Attack/Grapple: +40/+35
Attack: Incorporeal touch +61 melee (1d6 + touch of nightmares) or vorpal keen dagger +1 +62 (1d4+1 17-20/x2)
Full Attack: Two Incorporeal touch +59 melee (1d6 + touch of nightmares) or vorpal keen dagger +1 +62 (1d4+1 17-20/x2)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Fear aura, touch of nightmares
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft, become corporal at will, SR 48 (=HD+8), PR 40 (=HD), Spell-Like Abilities, Fast Healing 20, DR 30/+6, See Invisibility, Incorporeal, Outsider
Saves: Fort +27, Ref +43, Will +32
Abilities: Str —, Dex 53/21, Con 20/5, Int 19/4, Wis 30/10, Cha 39/14
Skills: Knowledge (planes + religion):+44, Wilderness Lore: +50, Use Magic Device: +55, Tumble: +61, Hide: +61, Spot: +50, Listen: +50, Search: +44, Scry: +40, Intimidate: +54, Intuit Direction: +50
Feats: Improved Initiative, Superior Initiative, Weapon Finesse (dagger, touch), Expertise, Improved Critical (dagger), Two Weapon Fighting, Track, Improved Unarmed Strike
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary, pair, group (3-5), party (5-10) or troupe (10-20)
Challenge Rating: 36
Treasure: Only dagger
Alignment: usually any evil
Advancement: 41+HD (medium)
Level Adjustment:
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More information...

The sleepwalker is a creature created by a ritual, that is so horrible and evil that only few other are known to mortals that are topping it. The victim is held for 6 weeks awake. In this period, it is tortured at least 12 hours a day. After this period of time, he/she is fixed on an altar and the spell "Nightmare" is casted on him/her. After evil singing and praising the terror of the gods of darkness, the victim is killed slowly by cutting him/her at least 1 time for every hour it was awake.

After the victim died, he/she arises as a ghostly image of itself. The new sleepwalker immediately looks for possible victims, but never attacks his creators.

The new homeplane of the sleepwalker is the demiplane of nightmares, to where he often returns. On every other plane, he tries to slay as many living and intelligent creatures as he can, because for each death he is responsible for, he can rest one day.

Sleepwalker look like ghostly images of their former appearance and are often mistaken for ghosts or other incorporeal undead. They can switch between an incorporeal state and a corporal, which is made out of matter of the ethereal plane and looks like the former body of the victim.

Some rumors are told about sleepwalker, who have left the dark and violating path, that has been chosen for them and who now try to hunt down especially evil creatures. Known only by few mortals is, that these creatures are created when holy water is sprinkled on the corpses of the victims to give them a little rest. This act of mercy gives the sleepwalker the chance to become neutral. Good sleepwalkers are unknown.


A sleepwalker likes to strike on surprised foes. He uses his spell-like abilities to separate a group of enemies and track them down one by one. They often use a combination of attacks to slay a foe without a chance for him/her to even react to the attack. They use their dagger to slit the throat of their prey after making them helpless with their touch of nightmares.

Touch of Nightmares (Ex): Everyone touched by a sleepwalker must succeed a will save (DC: 10+ 1/2 sleepwalker's HD +Cha modifier- in this example:45 ) or be overwhelmed by horrifying visions of death, lose, agony and so on for 4d10 rounds (sleepwalker's HD/10 rounded down xd10). In this time the victim is rendered helpless and can be subject to a coup de grace.

Fear Aura (Ex): Everyone, who clearly sees a sleepwalker at a distance of max. 30 ft is terribly frightened by the appearance of the creature. Creatures with equal or less than 1/4 of the sleepwalker's HD have to make a fortitude save or die instantly. Creatures with at least one more HD but only up to one half of the sleepwalker's HD have to make the save to avoid being panicked. Success means, that they are shaken. Creatures with more HD are shaken if they don´t succeed the save. The DC is equal to 10+1/2 HD of the sleepwalker + his Cha modifier.

Creatures, that are immune to mind-affecting effects are also immune to that types of attacks.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will- nightmare, cause fear, phantasmal killer, weird, plane shift, telekinesis 3/day- wail of the banshee, slay living, death knell. All spells have a caster level equal 3/4 of the sleepwalker's HD (rounded down- here: 30) and a save DC of 10 +Wis modifier +spell level (here: 20+ SL)

See Invisibility (Ex): A sleepwalker can automatically see every creature under the effect of invisibility spells.

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