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Slayer (Variant )[edit]

An old goliath sits in the corner of a tavern staring into his flagon of ale, his silvered sword sitting on the table next to him as he waits for his mark to enter the tavern to pray on the forlorn villagers. An elven hunter slowly steps through the snow covered undergrowth as they continue to follow the flying white monster that has called this cave home, she grits her teeth feeling her bow string against her fingers as she moves on going to add another mark to her long list of trophies.

Slayers come from all walks of life, they are though who have seen some of the worst beings in the world and have lived to fight again most of the time this leads to them hunting their marks possibly for revenge or for the more noble reason of ensuring that no other has to suffer the fate they know all two well. A slayer can be any kind of person whether they be a behemoth of a fighter who has walked through countless battles, or a simple common black smith who's town was destroyed, the slayers can work with most backstories you could plan. Some even taking on the role without having experienced the trauma of being at the mercy of their mark purely out of the desire to protect the innocent from the marks evil ways. (I would like to say I heavily based this background of the original slayer background and created this variant just to see what people would think of the idea, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Happy hunting. )

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation and Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Climbers Kit, Thieves' Tools

Languages: One language

Equipment: A set of traveler's clothes, a book containing information about your former marks, a trophy from one of your first marks that you claimed, and a belt pouch containing 8gp.


Your mark is your driving force of life, it is the reason you lift your weapon and drag yourself through the land in order to wipe your mark from this plane. Your world revolves around the hunt, whether this be for a personal vendetta or you feel a personal duty to protect others from facing your mark.

d6 Mark
1 Undead. A shovel, and a lantern.
2 Dragons. Block and tackle, and a signal whistle.
3 Feinds. Holy water, and a box of candles.
4 Aberrations. A chain, and a grappling hook.
5 Monstrosities. A hunter's trap, and a bell.
6 Magic Users. Chalk, and a flask of oil.

Feature: Master of Mark[edit]

You are very knowledgeable when it comes to your mark. You can typically find information on who or what you're tracking down by word of mouth, letters, books, or any other means your DM might use. The knowledge you acquire relating to your mark is up to your DM. It may be a name, location, organization, or even just a cryptic mystery for you to solve.

Feature: Knowledge of Hunts[edit]

You have hunted your preferred creature many times, as such, you know a little about countering them. When you come across a creature of your chosen type, you can spend an amount of time up to the DM studying them. after this time, you know basic information about the creature, such as armor (perhaps a relative figure) some form of attack (sharp claws? maybe a nasty bite?) and any weaknesses they may have (silver? maybe magic if they are resistant to normal weaponry?). As well, you know a portion of information already, such as common resistances your chosen creature type has. (think "Undead can't be poisened") and common weaknesses (think "undead die quicker to holy attacks") and can use this at the DMs discretion.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I've brought my mark to their knees too many times to count, so I don't worry about much.
2 There's never been a day where I don't keep searching for my mark, where ever I may be.
3 My body has been bloodied and broken, but it has not hindered me. It makes me stronger.
4 The feats I have accomplished are nothing to be scoffed at, of course, I should be proud of what I've done.
5 I've stared down death once, nothing really holds much sway to me now. I tend to treat serious situations far too lightly.
6 When I'm hunting a mark the world melts away and I am focussed on the hunt.
7 I'm not really one for talking about my past.
8 When you spend so long focused on hunting, you start to think like them. It helps to find them but it gets harder stay away.
d6 Ideal
1 Purity. I fight to destroy the the evil which corrupts our world. (Good)
2 Balance. My marks defy the natural order and destabilize nature. (Neutral)
3 Prejudice. My marks must all be destroyed without question or hesitation. (Evil)
4 Police. My profession is a necessary extension of law enforcement. (Lawful)
5 Righteousness. I will defeat them at all costs- with or without your help. (Neutral)
6 Thrill. Wherever they rear their ugly heads, I'll be there. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 I have been hunting for the greatest, rarest mark.
2 My loved one(s) were taken from me by a mark.
3 My master, (possibly a parent) made me who I am today.
4 I am fighting to protect something or someone important to me
5 A mark once spared my life. I have always wondered why.
6 I want to reform my marks into forces of justice/good.
d6 Flaw
1 A specific, extremely powerful mark, has a vendetta against me, and will stop at nothing to kill me.
2 I am obsessed with killing every last mark, and will brave insane dangers in my quest.
3 Decades of death and combat have made me cruel, reclusive, dangerous, or addicted.
4 I am a phony, all of my marks were illusions, actors, or lies.
5 I am secretly deeply terrified of my marks.
6 My actions have incidentally put me at odds with a specific nation, religion, faction, or other organization.

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