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Drow slaver by Thom Scott

You have made a profit out of others by selling them. You don't care about what happens to them after they are sold, as long as you got money for them. You were probably their warden as they sat, waiting to be auctioned. You fed and groomed them for your buyers. When they got snappy, you took the whip to them. Such is the way of the world, where all try to survive in any way they can. That is not to say you cannot be compassionate towards your prisoners. You might be one of the few slavers who see them as people and treat them humanely. However, at the end of the day, you ultimately leave them to their own devices in the hands of another, pocketing a nice sum in exchange.

When making a character of this background, keep in mind that slavers are usually people too. There are a few depraved whose lives revolve around watching and being the warden of their slaves. These tend to be state hires, watching over dungeons and such within an institution. Other slavers usually have the occupation of selling able bodies, dealing with the poachers and the auctioneers. Some sympathize with the plight of a slave, but fear arrest or starvation if they do not keep working. Others are tied by a slavers vow, which prevents snitching to authorities. This is not a defense of slavers; most tend to be evil or solely neutral and out for self-interest. A few are nutty enough to be chaotic good, believing what they are doing is just.

When making a slaver, consider the following questions: How did you become a slaver? Was it through necessity or greed you needed this job? Do you wish otherwise? Were you taught by a mentor, or did you teach yourself? Did your family enslave others for generations, or are you the first in your family? How infamous of a slaver are you? Do you have a price on your head by authorities? Or are you an institutionalized slaver, who is also a warden of sorts? How do you treat your slaves? Not all, but most slavers tend to be intimidating in strength. Do you often resort to the whip, or do you use a bit of honey to coax the cooperation of your victims? Do you even see these slaves as people or property? Does their suffering pleasure you, or do you sympathize with them? Are you still a slaver?

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Athletics

Tool Proficiencies: vehicles (land)

Languages: any one language of your choice

Equipment: 2 manacles and their keys, 2 large burlap sacks, a whip, 10 feet of chains, dark common cloths, and a pouch containing 15 gp from your last sale

Feature: Slavers Haven[edit]

As a profession frowned upon but tolerated in many places, you can bet you have an underground of similar thugs to rely on. You know the locations of the shadier places where these kinds of slave auctions occur and you have a tenuous camaraderie with your fellow slavers and poachers and crooks. These contacts are willing to exchange information with you, as well as protect you from the law to protect their entire trade.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Most slavers are not nice people. Many have lost their capacity to feel for others. A few retain a crooked sense of it, numbed by their years of service to this industry.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I'm starting to feel bad about being a slaver.
2 Nothing makes my day like pleads for mercy.
3 I hide insecurities behind my cruel facade.
4 I have been a slave before. I will never again be powerless.
5 If they can escape, they have earned their freedom.
6 I am the master here. Don't make me use my whip.
7 I feel bad for these guys, but I will do nothing.
8 I am timidly sneaking extra food or water to some slaves when I can.
d6 Ideal
1 No Hard Feelings: It's just a job. (Neutral)
2 Greed: You're going to make me a fortune! (Evil)
3 Power. You! You will submit to me!! (Evil)
4 Twisted Justice. I mean, some of these people are criminals so they should be enslaved... (Good)
5 Indifference. Aren't we all quanitifiable sums of our labor? (Neutral)
6 Sadist. I'm doing this because I like hurting them! (Evil)
d6 Bond
1 I have a family to support.
2 This job has given me a lot, both in money and life lessons.
3 A fellow slaver saved my hide once.
4 We're all thick as thieves in this business. You have to be to survive.
5 I have a childhood friend in the authorities.
6 No one's life is their own. Especially not the weak.
d6 Flaw
1 I can be overly excited when I see a new victim that I can't be quiet.
2 My guilt spills out of me in everyday conversation.
3 This job has made me numb to the suffering of others.
4 I'm a sucker for anything that looks like a profitable venture.
5 I'm quick to flee at the notion of things going south.
6 Can't trust anyone, not outside the circle of crooks I'm used to...

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