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Skyships: Skyships have been the primary mode of air travel on (Arda) for the past century. Originally these massive, sky going vessels were created, driven and held aloft by pure magic. However, in the last two decades, great strides have been made, reducing the amount of magic needed to create and operate these massive machines. Skyships are constructed like any seagoing vessel with the exception of the materials used. The hull and supports are created using Ghostwood and a traditional ships ballast stones are replaced with airstones (See Lore of Arda (3.5e Campaign Setting)#Materials).

With the advent of the steam engine, bound air elementals are no longer required to propel these mammoths of the air; meaning that pilots of skyships are no longer required to be wizards. This has opened up the skies to a great number of would-be pilots seeking to prove themselves worthy.

Hover: Despite it’s maneuverability rating, a Skyship can hover and has no minimum speed required to maintain air travel. It cannot turn in place however.

Colossal vehicle; Airworthiness +6; Shiphandling -4; Speed Fly 100 ft (poor), Overall AC -3; Hull sections 1,000 (crash 250 sections); Section hp 60 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Ram 12d6; SQ hover; Space 90 ft. by 300 ft.; height 50 ft.; Watch 20; Complement 150; Cargo 50 tons;

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Market Price: 92,000gp

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