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This page presents a comprehensive treasure table for skill boosting items.

Table: Minor Skill Items
d% Enhancement Bonus Market Price
1-45 Skill boosting item +2 800 gp
46-90 Skill boosting item +4 3,200 gp
91-100 Skill boosting item +6 7,200 gp
Table: Major Skill Items
d% Enhancement Bonus Market Price
1-50 Skill boosting item +6 7,200 gp
51-90 Skill boosting item +8 12,800 gp
91-100 Skill boosting item +10 20,000 gp
Table: Types of Skill Items
d% Item Associated Skill
1-3 Lens of appraisal Appraise
4-6 Staff of balance Balance
7-9 Veil of deception Bluff
10-13 Crampons of climbing Climb
14-16 Stone of concentration Concentration
17-19 Lorgnette of translation Decipher Script
20-22 Scales of diplomacy Diplomacy
23-25 Probe of disarming Disable Device
26-28 Wig of disguising Disguise
29-31 Armlets of escaping Escape Artist
32-34 Quill of fabrication Forgery
35-37 Notebook of inquiry Gather Information
38-40 Crop of animal taming Handle Animal
41-43 Satchel of healing Heal
44-47 Gabardine of hiding Hide
48-50 Eyepatch of intimidation Intimidate
51-54 Girdle of jumping Jump
55-58 Horn of hearing Listen
59-61 Soles of silence Move Silently
62-64 Skeleton key of trespassing Open Lock
65-67 Saddle of riding Ride
68-71 Lens of scrutiny Search
72-74 Mirror of empathy Sense Motive
75-78 Mitts of glibness Sleight of Hand
79-81 Rod of spellcraft Spellcraft
82-85 Spectacles of awareness Spot
86-88 Manual of survival Survival
89-91 Fins of Swimming Swim
92-94 Soles of Tumbling Tumble
95-97 Codex of device operation Use Magic Device
98-100 Rope of handling Use Rope

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