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Simö, the White Death[edit]

Symbol: A white spot
Home Plane: Valhalla
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Rangers, Bows, Winter, Stealth, Freedom, Forests
Clergy Alignments: Cannot be Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral, or Neutral Evil
Domains: Plant, Healing, Trickery, Creation
Favored Weapon: Bows, knives
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More information...

<!< Simö was a simple Tavistandi woodsman on the world of Kalamaar. He served against the hobgoblins in his youth, and hunted and farmed When he was thirty-five, the great hobgoblin empire conquered his nation, Mariehamn, and many others. Tavestand and its villages were bypassed as insignificant. Rumors trickled in from escaped prisoners; all were slaves to the hobgoblins, everyone who could read had been crucified, entire villages were being taken in chains to the western darkness. Much to his later sorrow, Simö helped with but did not lead the preparations against what they knew was coming. As anticipated, a lone envoy came to demand their submission and was refused. After him, a small army, routed with few survivors. Unlike what they expected, next came a huge horde, one-fifth of the empire's armies to bring them to heel. Of the thousands that had lived there, a half-a-hundred followed Simö to safety in hiding. The exploits of Simö and his companions were legendary, though they dwindled from attrition. The Tavastand forest became a hardship post, where even the most disciplined troops refused to travel in groups smaller than one-hundred. There came the day when Simö was the only one left alive, yet for years he still persisted, becoming a dark legend among the soldiers of the region, the White Death that came with the snows. With old age approaching, he took the avatar of Nomog-Geaya (hobgoblin deity of war and authority) hostage in front of hobgoblin armies assembled for a religious festival. Holding the Phalangian knife the god's throat, he was granted power and demigodhood on the condition that he not return to Kalamaar for a century and a day.

Simö appears as a short, leathery man with a scar extending from the right corner of his mouth to his ear. He wears clothing appropriate for the region and season. He has a simple handmade shortbow slung over his back, and carries a pack with useful woodsman's supplies. The knife in his belt is out of place with the rest of his gear. Ten inches long, handle and sheath are black iron, rectangular and covered in runes. The Phalangian knife glows a soft milky white when unsheathed. A souldrinker, it can permanently harm even gods, and can be used to sanctify oaths.



<!< Cunning and small unit tactics. >>

Clergy and Temples[edit]

<!< Even for a demigod, Simö is very active. Almost all of his senior clergy have met him personally. >>

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