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CR 5

Female Sarli Bard 3, Wizard 2
Init/Senses +3 (+3 Dex)/Listen , Spot
Languages Common, Draconic, Gnome, Sylvan, Undercommon.
AC 16/20, touch 12, flat-footed 14
(+3 Dex, +2 ring, +1 size/with +4 mage armor)
hp 31 (3d6+3 + 2d4 +2 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will 1 (+1 Base, +1 Con)/+6 (+3 Base, +3 Dex)/+8 (+6 Base, +2 Wis)
Speed 20 feet
Melee +7 (+3 Base, +3 dex/weapon finesse, +1 size)
Ranged +8 (+2 Base, +3 Dex, +1 size, +1 within 30 feet)
Base Atk/Grp +2 (+3 Base, -2 Str, +1 size)/-3 (+3 Base, -2 Str, -4 size)
Abilities Str 7, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 15, Cha 20
SQ Bardic music, Bardic Knowledge +9 (+4 int, +3 lvl, +2 synergy), Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1, Inspire Competence, Summon Familiar, Scribe Scroll, Darkvision, Low-light vision, Necromantic rend, Spell-like abilities, Diet, Hypnotic gaze(dc: 15 will)
Feats Weapon Finesse, Point Blank Shot
Skills Bluff +9 (+6 rank, +5 cha, -2 Racial)
  • Balance +7 (+2 Rank, +3 Dex, +2 synergy)
  • Climb +2 (+4 Rank, -2 Str)
  • Concentration +8 (+7 rank, +1 Con)
  • Diplomacy +15 (+6 rank, +5 cha, +4 synergy)
  • Disguise +7 (+5 cha, +2 synergy)
  • Gather information +11 (+6 Rank, +5 Cha)
  • Intimidate+3 (-4 size, +5 cha, +2 synergy)
  • Jump 0 (-2 str, +2 synergy)
  • Knowledge(Arcana) +8 (+4 rank, +4 int)
  • Knowledge(Dungeoneering) +5 (+1 rank +4 int)
  • Knowledge(Geography) +5 (+1 rank +4 int)
  • Knowledge(History) +8 (+4 rank, +4 int)
  • Knowledge(Nature) +5 (+1 rank, +4 int)
  • Knowledge(Religion) +5 (+1 rank, +4 int)
  • Hide +9 (+2 Rank, +3 Dex, +4 size)
  • Move Silently +7 (+4 Rank, +3 Dex)
  • Perform(String instruments) +12 (+5 Rank, +5 Cha, +2 Masterwork)
  • Sense Motive +10 (+6 rank, +2 Wis, +2 racial)
  • Sleight of Hand +11 (+6 rank, +3 dex, +2 synergy)
  • Spellcraft +10 (+4 rank, +4 int, +2 synergy)
  • Tumble +9 (+6 rank, +3 dex)
Possessions Wizard cloak and hat, Travellers Outfit, Ring of Protection +2, 2x Dagger, +2 spellstoring(ray of enfeeblement most of the time), shock Rapier(a gift), +1 flaming Light crossbow, 30x crossbow bolts, Backpack of holding I, Wizards Spellbook, Ink vial, Inkpen, 5x Paper, Spell Component Pouch, Bedroll, Mirror, M. Musical Instrument(lute), 4x Torch, Rope Silk(30 feet), 2X Soap, 5x candle 30x Tindertwig, 2x Antitoxin, 2x Pearl, 2x Waterskin, 3x Trail rations, 2x potion of Cat Grace, 2x scroll of Cure light wounds, 4x Nararoot, 50 silver piece, 30 gold piece, 20 platinum piece (9,300 gp total value)
  • Skills Points: Bard 60, Wizard 16

Total: 6

Total: 7

A talented bard, negotiation expert and self-labelled spell-casting extraordanaire that roams from Metropolis to another Metropolis. Silalaqui or Syla for short is an intelligent, radiant, good-hearted yet flightly Sarli that is known to have a lot of friends and shady contacts concerning around trade, services, history, rumors or magic. She is quite distant and slightly hostile to those who she do not know, but she is nonetheless a loyal and quite a cheery companion if her trust is somehow gained. Only a few trusted people know that her happy and bright charm that she displays is just a front in a past that has teach and made her into a cunning and smart individual both in the field and society. She is 2'10" and weighs 23 pounds.

An artist at heart, Syla was raised just on the outskirts of Daerlun(sembia) with her wizard parents. At a young age, Syla was taught both by her parents on wizardry, her mother teach her on etiquette and manners while her father taught her how to play a Lute as a way to bond with his daughter, though he totally did not expect for her to fall in love with it.

As she grows up, Daerlun soon felt like a prison rather than home for her as the innocence of youth slowly fades away from her heart. Being teased by the youth because of her activities, accused of mischief along with her parents when something has gone wrong and at a tender age of ten she is already being courted by strangers that find her highly interesting. All these becomes a factor in her life that she tries to overcome and she all see these as challenges that will soon lead to her freedom and dream of seeing the world that her mother has always said in her bedroom.

Syla's 20th year in Daerlun is a signal that she is on her own, having already learned the basics of wizardry and a sprinkle of music, she was tempted into going on an expedition by several halflings and human merchants into Baldurs Gate to deliver Thayan and Sembian goods, of course with the promise of access to the mythical library of Candlekeep that she only heard in tales so far. With this, the eldest daughter of the Sarli family that lives in Daerlun secretly pack up her bag and was gone by morning.

However disaster struck just several weeks while travelling in the form of evil personalities who wished to gain wealth through violence, the caravan was attacked during the night by combined forces of orc and human bandits and was strucked hard. Although the caravan was protected and the bandit was forced to route to minimize losses, in the confusion Syla was taken by several human bandits as leverage to escape the merchants guards. Even though the merchant guild and party tries to do a rescue, their attempts fail.

Chained and thrown inside a cage, Syla offered little resistance to her captors as she was brought to a hidden slave market on the outskirt of Iriaebor. Her race, expertise(her wizard books as evidence), heritage and exotic, attractive yet cute looks has fetch a high price among the traders with what she had heard from her new master as ranging from almost 5'000 to 10'000 gold, or as what they have exaggerated.

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