Sight Without Seeing (Pathfinder Feat)

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Sight Without Seeing [General]

A feat that allows a blind man to see through his other senses.
Prerequisite: Listen 20 ranks
Benefit: You gain tremorsense 60 feet and blindsight 30 feet. You have advantage on Wisdom(Perception) checks that rely on sound. You can automatically tell if a person is lying, so long as that person has a discernible heartbeat. You suffer disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks when bombarded by sudden, cacophonous sources of sound, such as from Thunderwave. It lasts until the end of your next turn from when the sound has subsided to manageable levels.
Special: To gain this feat, you take a penalty: you become blind. The blindsight doubles with each rank of Superhearing (60 feet at 1 rank, 120 at 2).

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