Shifter Menance's (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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News for 28 Sar, Sypherous[edit]

Shifter Menance's!!

by YamaGuchi Sepherion, Orc Corespondent ____________________________________________________________________

Attacks continue to Plague Cyre Refuges around the Mournland

MOURNLANDS -- The City of Mardakine and the Elven Outpost Eliadraliel have claimed that a mass of insane Shifters have been seen in and around the mist borders of the nation previously known as Cyre, now called the Mournlands. Once every fortnight a small group exit and attack travelers, caravans and whatever else seems to be in the area.

A group of Adventurers has taken it upon themselves at the behest of one of the Regions organisations to investigate and possibly deal with the events surrounding these attacks. They will set out later in the month, for a possible tenday exploration of the borders of the Mournalands.

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