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Shield Sledding [Frost Knight][edit]

You use a shield as a makeshift sled to more swiftly slide over ice and snow.
Prerequisite: Cryoplaning class feature, Ride 5 ranks
Benefit: A frost knight with this feat can use a heavy or tower shield to slide effortlessly over the icy surfaces he creates, provided he succeeds at a DC 10 Ride check. Using a shield in this manner deprives the frost knight of his shield bonus, but frees up his off hand (the frost knight may not equip another shield while sledding but can wield a second weapon. If he succeeds at his Ride check, the frost knight’s movement bonus from the cryoplaning class feature is increased by 10 feet, plus an additional 10 feet for every 10 extra points of his Ride check (roll of 20 = +20 bonus, etc.), as long as he maintains control of the shield. The frost knight can “dismount” from the shield as a free action, but a standard action is required to retrieve it and a full-round action is necessary to both recover and reequip it.
Special: A frost knight with a sufficient Craft skill can modify his shield (DC 20) to adjust the shield, contouring it to more easily fit his feet and grant him a +2 circumstance bonus on the Ride check. Alternatively, he may pay 100 gp to get his shield adjusted by another (if he is purchasing a new shield, add the 100 gp to the beginning cost.

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