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Sheep Domain[edit]

Granted Powers[edit]

People follow you like good little sheep. You gain +2 to your social skill checks. In addition, at 6th cleric level you gain followers (but not a cohort) as if you possessed the Leadership feat. If you do possess that feat, your followers double.

Sheep Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Charm Person: Makes one person your friend.
  2. Enthrall: Captivates all within 100 ft. + 10 ft./level.
  3. Helping Hand: Ghostly hand leads subject to you.
  4. Charm Monster: Makes monster believe it is your ally.
  5. Greater Command: As command, but affects one subject/level.
  6. Symbol of Persuasion: Triggered rune charms nearby creatures.
  7. Mass Charm Monster: As charm monster, but all within 30 ft.
  8. Sympathy: Object or location attracts certain creatures.
  9. Dominate Monster: As dominate person, but any creature.

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