Sheath of Poisons (5e Equipment)

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Sheath of Poisons

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Sheath of Poisons 175 gp (Legendary) None 1 Lbs none

This sheath allows you to insert vials of poison and use them to coat rapier weapons. The poison is applied instantly when you sheath your rapier. The poison first put in the sheath first is used first. you can dispense two types of poison at the same time and the second one put on is the first stab and the second stab is the one put on first. This sheath can hold any type of poison even acids. Your rapier might still corrode if it is in contact with the blade. you can take out poisons even after the vial is inserted into the sheath. Even if the sheath is filled with no poison the sheath will still work as a normal sheath. Any rapier put into this sheath will do an extra +1 piercing damage on the next hit

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