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The Shatterfist School (known as "Surigaken" in its native Undercommon) was named for a group of dwarven monks who studied how to break the weapons and armor of their foes in the inky unforgiving blackness of the Underdark. It combines the ability to fight without need for light and sight with the ability to severely damage and break an enemies weapons and armor. Since its introduction to the surface, Shatterfist is popular in regions with little metal resources and in areas where often people deal with distant weapon wielding overlords.

1st-Level Skill Bonus[edit]

Listen sa,m

1st-Level Feat[edit]


2nd-Level Feat[edit]

Improved Sunder

6th-Level Feat[edit]

Eagle Claw Attack (CW 97)

6th-Level Bonus Ability[edit]

In situations of low light or no light, a user of Shatterfist is treated as if he has a Wisdom modifier double his original when making Sunder attacks.


Power Attack, Listen 9 ranks, Move Silently 4 ranks

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