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Sharisa (“Shar”) d’Orien

Campaign Name: Eberron Nights

Character Level: 8

Exp: 28,000

Class: Ranger/Dragonmark Heir

Class Levels: 6/2

Action Points: 8 (Max: 11)

Race: Human

Age: 22 ½

Gender: Female

Size: M

Height: 6’2” Weight: 140 lbs


Strength 16 (+3)

Dexterity 20 (+5)

Constitution 12 (+1)

Intelligence 15 (+3)

Wisdom 12 (+1)

Charisma 12 (+1)

HP: 58 (Out of a possible (72) - Max 1st Level (1d8 +1 Constitution), 5d8+5, 2d8+2

AC: 17 (10 base +5 Dexterity +2 armor)

Align: Chaotic Good

Spell Resistance: 0%

Speed: 30 ft

Saving Throws[edit]

  • Fortitude +9 (+8 base +1 Constitution)
  • Reflex +13 (+8 base +5 Dexterity)
  • Will +6 (+5 base +1 Wisdom)

Combat Attack Bonuses: Melee: +10/+5 (+7/+2 base +3 Str)

Ranged: +12/+7 (+7/+2 base +5 Dex)


1) Longsword +10/+5 1D8 19-20/x2 4lb

2) Comp. Shortbow +12/+7 1D6 x3 70ft 2lb

  • Rapid Shot Feat +10/+10/+5 (Only when wearing Light or no armor)




Total Skill Points: 50

Max ranks: 5 class, 2 ½ cross-class

X Appraise +2 +3 Int 1

X Balance +12 +5 Dex 5 +2 (Agile Feat)

X Bluff +0 +1 Cha

Climb +9 +3 Str 6

Concentration +7 +1 Con 4

T Craft + +3 Int

Decipher Script + + Int

X Diplomacy +3 +1 Cha 5

XT Disable Device +8 +3 Int 5

X Disguise +0 +1 Cha

X Escape Artist +11 +5 Dex 4 +2 (Agile Feat)

X Forgery +1 +3 Int

X Gather Information +5 +1 Cha 4 +2 (Investigator Feat)

T Handle Animal +4 +1 Cha 3 Untrained push&handle

Heal +5 +1 Wis 2

Hide +7 +5 Dex 2

X Intimidate + +1 Cha

T Intuit Direction +2 +1 Wis 1

Jump +13 +3 Str 10

T Knowledge +10 +3 Int 7 Dungeoneering

Listen + +1 Wis

Move Silently +11 +5 Dex 6

XT Open Lock +9 +5 Dex 4

X Perform + +1 Cha

T Profession() + +1 Wis

Ride +7 +5 Dex 2

Search +5 +3 Int 2 +2 (Investigator Feat)

Sense Motive + +1 Wis

X Slight of Hand + +5 Dex

XT Spellcraft + +3 Int

Spot +3 +1 Wis 2

Survival +5 +1 Wis 2 +2 (Least Dragonmark)

Swim + +3 Str

XT Tumble + +5 Dex

Use Magic Device + + Cha

Use Rope +8 +5 Dex 3

Wilderness Lore +5 +1 Wis 4

  • X = cross-class skill
  • T = must be trained to use

Languages: Common Bonus Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven


Simple Weapon Proficiency (1st Ranger)

Martial Weapon Proficiency (1st Ranger)

Light Armor Proficiency (1st Ranger)

Shield Proficiency (1st Ranger)

Least Dragonmark of Passage (1st Level)

  • Dimension Leap 1/day (10ft/level)
  • Mount 1/day

Agile (Bonus Human 1st Level)

Track (bonus) (1st Ranger)

Lesser Dragonmark of Passage (Bonus Feat for Pre-Game rolls)

  • Dimension Door 1/day (400+40ft/level), useable by others

Weapon Style (Rapid Shot) (2nd Ranger)

Endurance (3rd Ranger)

Investigator (3rd Level Feat)

Weapon Style (Many-Shot) (6th Ranger)

Mounted Combat (6th Level Feat)

Racial Abilities (Human[edit]

Bonus Feat at 1st Level

Skill Points - +4 at 1st Level

Skill Points - +1 at every Level after the first

Class Abilities[edit]

Favored Enemy - Monstrous Humanoid (1st Ranger)

Wild Empathy (1st Ranger)

Track (Feat) (1st Ranger)

Combat Style (Rapid Shot) (2nd Ranger)

Endurance (Feat) (3rd Ranger)

Animal Companion (Wolf “Silver”) (4th Ranger)

Favored Enemy - Construct (5th Ranger)

Improved Combat Style (Many-Shot) (6th Ranger)

Lesser Dragonmark (Feat) (1st Dragonmark Heir)

House Status (1st Dragonmark Heir)

  • DMH uses her level in DMH as a bonus to all Charisma related checks when dealing with her own House.

Improved Least Dragonmark (2nd Dragonmark Heir)

Additional Action Points (2nd Dragonmark Heir)


A beautiful, tall woman with long crimson hair, dusky skin, and violet eyes. Her appearance is a mix of ancestries, adding an exotic edge to her looks. When not expecting trouble, she wears well-cut clothes, cut close to the body to allow free movement without long stretches of fabric that could get caught up on any obstacles. When she’s expecting trouble she uses black-colored light leather armor.

Equipment (69.5lbs)[edit]


Composite Shortbow

  • 40 Arrows

Leather Armor



10 Candles

Scroll Case

Grappling Hook

Hooded Lantern Oil (2 pint)

Silk Rope (50 ft)

Sealing Wax

Signet Ring

Soap (2 lb)

Vial of Ink


Sunrod (2)

Spellbook (for taking notes)

Explorer’s Outfit

Travelling Outfit

Identification Papers with Portrait

Money GP 6 SP 5 CP 8


Shar was born to a branch of the Orien family living in Karrnath. Her parents were from opposite sides of the continent, having met when family business took them both to Karrnath for a time. They fell in love and married, settling down in the cosmopolitan city. Shar was quite the explorer growing up, always slipping up to explore the parts of the city around the Orien compound or the offices where her parents were working.

She was a naturally adventurous child, always getting into some kind of trouble. Eventually her parents turned her over to one of the members of the family who’d been something of an adventurer in his younger days. His stories kept the young girl relatively quiet, and he had more than enough tricks of his own to track her down when she did try to slip away. At the insistence of both Shar and her Parents, he started to train her to defend herself and honed her natural skills for exploration and adventure. When old Tar died, he left his weapons and gear to Shar, and a few coins to help her get the rest of her gear. She was old enough now that the family expected her to pull her weight, and she found herself getting called in when her family needed someone with skill at arms and a talent for getting into unusual places.


  • Ivan (Male Human/Rogue)
  • Garreck (Male Human/Ranger-Dragon Slayer)
  • ??? (Female Halfling/Cleric)
  • Caleb (Male Human/Artificer)

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